Thursday, 14 November 2019

Impeachment: Who is Winning, the Christians or the Lions?

They're at the Post - THEY'RE OFF!

I am almost ashamed to admit it but here I am in Canada and I watched all of the impeachment hearing yesterday and many hours of analysis thereafter. I found it very entertaining.

In my judgement the Dem's took the day - the two witnesses actually - but only by a hair. The other side put up a good fight but I am not sure they have anything left. Will the President's supporters just be repeating the same old stale arguments from here on? No Quid Pro Quo? All second hand heresay. Identify the whistle blower. Yatta; Yatta; Yatta.

I said this at the beginning: give this man enough rope and he will hang himself. He almost has. I think the noose has yet to be tightened but it will be - by his own hand.

The really sad thing to me is that the world is seeing what this great nation has now become. This is like two siblings fighting and when the parents intervene, all they can say is "He (She) started it!" Who cares? If Democrats win the next election you can be sure the petty bickering will continue.

Republicans are bitching about a single focus - trying to take down the President - but is it really any different than the stonewalling they were guilty of in Congress under Obama?

I suppose there is one thing different this time. If Trump goes, via this process or by losing the election, there will be an audible sigh of relief on both sides, even by some in his party who are afraid to be honest at present. There has never been a Presdent like him. Thankfully.

History has shown that great nations always destroy themselves - usually through greed and aggression. Let's hope America can still deliver a black eye to history. The world will be better off. I have serious doubts it will happen under the current leader. If he is still in the ring, he will go down like Sonny Liston.

"Make the Presidency Great Again"

The Brewster

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