Sunday 30 July 2023

Bird Brains Could Teach Us A Lot

The Ultimate Empty Nester

While sitting on my back deck enjoying a morning coffee and writing this, I was watching a pair of robins who have nested under our gazebo. My wife and I follow this performance every year. This time after building the nest, the female seemed to disappear which is common after laying eggs. To confirm, I used one of those small mirrors on an extension handle to view the inside of the nest. I saw three beautiful blue eggs. Then I was promptly buzzed by the male who is always close - standing guard. So far, so good.

There followed however a period of hot temperatures and lots of rain so my observations were less frequent. After a couple of days I heard a real confrontation in the next yard involving what was clearly a robin's distressed tweeting. For a week or more, I didn't see the female, assuming she was injured or fell prey to a cat.

The male continued to stand guard, dive bombing me if I got too close. He often perched on the side of the nest and peered inside seeming to be in great distress. After a few days I once again viewed the nest via the mirror - it appeared to be totally empty. For many days she has remained missing. I am never sure because we have a large yard with many trees and there are several pairs of nesting and competing robins close by.

This made me realize just how miraculous Mother Nature is. We humans could learn a lot from the animal kingdom in general. How many times have you known of a case in which a female becomes pregnant - not even a birth yet - and the male disappears, never to be heard from again? If there IS a birth and subsequently a divorce or split, the mother is still left to fight in court for any kind of support whatsoever! The female robin is even smart enough to cast out any defective eggs or chicks who don't make it. In some places this is not permitted with female humans.

We really started to feel sorry for the poor guy thinking perhaps that he was young and inexperienced. The last two days we have both seen him bringing worms to the nest. I have read that even if he tries to look after hatchlings he can't do it alone. As humans this is not true although many males claim that it is. There are many successful single male parents.

So much for the sad news. Today as I enjoy my coffee, I have seen both of them bringing worms to the nest! He is not a mentally challenged male after all! She even sat on the nest for a short period. I believe that recent very hot weather meant that keeping eggs warm was not a priority and the nest is totally out of direct sunlight. So we will be able to see little mouths reaching up to be fed in a few more days, assuming that other birds or racoons don't get them first. OMG! I see two now! Will be interesting to see if there are three.

From all of this i can draw a couple of conclusions - both of them involving Mother Nature:

1. He was not at all inexperienced but a real STUD. Maybe he found a new mate. If there were no hatchlings the first time the nest would be clean enough use again. Or perhaps I could conclude that she was always on the scene, is super fertile, and laid a new clutch of eggs. It is good news either way.

2. I am definitely seeing two very hungry young robins poking their heads up looking for food! That again is M.N. at work because now I am hungry! However I have to get off my butt to go and prepare some food! At least I will have a choice.

3. Yours truly is so far gone I can no longer even operate a mirror!

Have a great day!


Monday 24 July 2023

Biden and Trump - Both TOAST?

Let the School Yard Scrapping Begin!


There once was a POTUS named Biden,
Whose age they couldn't keep hide'n,
When he went for a dance without any pants
The pole numbers kept right on slidin'!

"Just WATCH me!" was his reply,
He needs help from The Man in the sky.
He's still very clever, so never say "never,"
But is this his final Good Bye?


Donald was soundly defeated,
Despite all the lies that he Tweeted,
Not even a "Maybe" - he's such a cry baby,
Since he was born he has cheated.

The world is tired of his gripes.
He's worse than the bloody bagpipes!
West, north, east, south puts his foot on his mouth,
Can't wait to see him in stripes!


Too bad this once model nation,
That created a world wide sensation,
Will implode from within, sheer greed as it's sin,
I pity the next generation.

Imagine a person who leads
By addressing their own nation's needs.
No promises met by increasing the debt,
A legacy known for good deeds.


If the world can't get it together,
To stop this pollution and weather,
Our common abode will soon self-implode,
The question is when and not whether.

So Xi Jinping, Putin, and Biden,
Stop pointing fingers and chidin'.
Get together and try before we all die,
Doomsday is near and you're hidin'


Monday 3 July 2023

Nicknames for Donald J. Trump

Sticks and Stones... You Know

Well it won't be long now before the debates for the nomination of who will represent Republicans in the 2024 U.S. Presidential election. That means it won't be long now before the world sees the likely nominee - DJT - calling people names like a kid in a schoolyard - a primary school yard. Unfortunately it lowered the dignity of what used to be the most highly regarded political position on the planet - no more. Thanks DJ.

We saw and heard it last time in 2016 but this time he is even more desperate and he will lower the station to total depravity - a shame really. But what else do you expect? The man knows not the meaning of true class. I doubt he has the IQ to devise most of the childish handles but he seems to have enough scriptwriters to compensate.

Maybe it is time that he tastes a little of what he doles out, Already some of the charges against him give us some optimism. I suggested done this before but perhaps the responses will increase this time.

Please comment with a few suggestions of names that other candidates could label The Donald. Who knows? Maybe some will make it to the debate podium. Please use the comment section below.

Here are a few to get you going:
  1. Pinocchio. This is a natural. He has the lying thing down - enough for an army of Pinocchio's. His personality and I.Q. are that of a wooden puppet The only thing missing is the nose - make that knows - it is more appropriate since he knows very little for a world leader.
  2. Donald Duck. These first two would violate some kind of intellectual property rights but don't worry - he wouldn't. He also sounds a lot like the Disney duck especially when on a rant. He is a natural cartoon character. Disney could have had a blast with him.
  3. Goofy. Funny - another cartoon character! Is any further explanation needed?
  4. Don the Con. This has double meaning - he has been conning people his entire life but soon he might be wearing a real con striped suit of a different design. Will they let him wear his trademark red tie? No. Somebody might strangle him.
  5. Forrest Gump Trump. "Gump" can be a compliment but what do you think? Will that be the first thing that comes to most minds?
  6. Welcher Donald. A history of examples.
  7. Humpty Dumpty. He also fell from his lofty perch. But at least Humpty HAD a wall to sit on! We are still waiting for DJ's and for the first peso to pay for it. All the King's horses and all the King's men are still laughing.
  8. Titanic Donald. It was supposed to be unsinkable as well.
  9. Don the Wiz! Just like the Wizard of Oz, once you pull back the curtain and expose all the trickery, there's really nothing there. The real Wiz was a dream. This one is a nightmare.
  10. Joker Don. The Joker is also one of a kind and a real card. He can be anything you want him to be. The appearance is usually that of a clown or jester. Typically, it was supposed to be have introduced by Americans who wanted to change the rules. Trump is also a card term but in that case it usually helps you win.
So there you go. Let's hear from you. Many of the other candidates are too dignified to call him names but we can! Give him a name and preferably why it applies.

If any of them stick it will drive him crazy! OK crazier!