Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Melania Socks it to Donald

Class Act. So Why Donald?

Melania knocked it out of the park last night.

It was bad form using the White House. I had to shake my head when she praised her husband and addressed him as Donald. I had to pick myself up off the floor when she held his hand. Apparently she was also part of the Obama birth issue and yes, once in the past her speechwriter copied from Michelle Obama. She watches Donald late at night working so hard for the American people? Is that before the Tweets or after?

But she exuded more class from every part of her entire body as she walked to the microphone, than her husband has ever shown in his entire life. Contrived perhaps, but a great performance. She is a good speaker and it was appropriate that she discussed the loss of life in America from Covid-19  and a great touch thanking her parents for getting her here.

I could live my meagre lifestyle for weeks on what that suit must have cost. It was stunning and so was she.

The bottom line is that she had to live up to her First Lady role and support the President. However by saying little, saying it HER way, and speaking in such an intelligent fashion, she showed up Donald just by exuding class, subtly covering many topics, often in a heart-felt fashion.

I can understand any red blooded man falling for the woman we saw last night including DJT.

The only question left is, what on earth did she see in him? I have not checked but I wonder what bets are already in place with the British bookies and at what odds that she leaves him after he is out - now or four years from now?

If I were a betting man, I would say she will. Hillary stayed with Bill when she should have dumped him. Which result would show the stronger woman? 


Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Republican Convention

Who Let Her In?

The convention's first night was about what I expected. I think they borrowed a few techniques from the Dem's but so would the Donkey Party if they had been second. It's like golf when you putt second and can "go to school" on someone else's effort.

There were certainly several elephants in the room that nobody wanted to talk about. Not once did I hear mention of the poor 170,000 plus Americans who have lost their lives to the virus - over which The Donald has such great control. Nobody mentioned the hot spots in the country. Nobody brought up the debt or unemployment. Donald's sister escaped so far.

Some people are great speakers. Obama and Michelle are two. Biden was good. I hated what he said but even Donald Jr. spoke well and Senator Scott and Nikki Haley. Trump spoke very little - good plan - and only acted as a prompter to others who praised him. Some of the ordinary citizens were good.

Then there was Kimberly Guilfoyle. At first I thought it was Melania. Isn't that a bit of like father, like son! To give credit it must be very difficult to stand in front of an invisible audience of millions of people all over the world. I have not done so. I read that she has been a prosecuting attorney so she must be used to speaking on her feet. I also heard that her piece was pre-recorded. Really? How many takes were there? I thought it was the embarrassment of the night. She sounded like a teenager who failed to make cheerleader every year until her last when she got to stand in for someone. She couldn't dance or do the acrobatics so she just yelled louder than everyone else. I looked like she forgot and was waiting for an applause. Don't quit your day job.

Some editor needs his or her ass kicked. Maybe it was DJT himself. He already needs his ass kicked. Let's keep hoping.


Monday, 24 August 2020

There's a Funny Smell Coming From a U.S. Post Box Near You

Does This Pass the Smell Test?

I suspect there is waste in the US Post Office, just as there is in the same service in most countries, and in most government run agencies and departments. Many of my peers in retirement with friends who were civil servants are envious of their pensions and early retirement. I wish I had followed their lead.

Something smells however when the new Postmaster General decides to hurriedly implement some of these changes that entail removal of post boxes and sorters at this strategic time. It REALLY smells when POTUS himself said he would try to hold things up to disrupt mail-in votes and DeJoy supported Trump financially. Everybody seems to agree that many of those votes will favour the Democrats if they arrive in time.

If DeJoy wants to be credible he should not only hold off on changes until after the election, but restore any items he removed. What are a few more months in the grand scheme of things?

This is like politicians talking about deserving an increase in compensation for a long time and then pushing it through just before an election. It is hard to undo later. 

Tonight the Republican Convention begins - it will last four nights. That is very relevant since The Donald has slated himself in to speak all four nights and he only has two feet. He can put one foot in his mouth the first night; the other on the second; shoot himself in one foot the third night (hopefully after extracting both of them from his big mouth) and lastly shoot the other on the fourth.

It is a good thing there is no fifth night because he would be out of feet. Since his mouth would likely be sore from the feet or spewing too much BS, he would then have to talk out of another orifice.

Sorry for that image but you should be used to it by now.


Sunday, 23 August 2020

The True Spirit of the Republican and Democratic Parties

What's in a Name?

If you look in the archives of both parties, you will find the etymology for the name of each - R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N and D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T-I-C. They are both short forms. Each long form says a lot about the party in question.

(FYI: This IS fake news but don't tell you-know-who)

R - Rambunctious (Red-neck had not been coined yet)
E - Extroverted
P - Providential
U - Unadulterated
B - Bigots
L - Lacking
I - Impartiality
C - Contrition
A - And
N - Neutrality

D - Dogmatic
E - Energetic
M - Mishmash
O - Of
C - Caring
R - Rambling
A - Angelic
T - Theoretic
I - Idealistic
C - Cheerleaders

If you think this really is fake news and not just tongue in cheek humour, you need to get a life.

How about some of yours?


Monday, 3 August 2020

Trump - an easy target!

I Just Can't Help Myself!

DJT has to be one of the most picked on individuals we have ever known. Rodney Dangerfield pales in comparison. Prior to this moment I never saw the parallel. Rodney complained about getting no respect. Until recently The Donald just spent his every breath trying, but failing, to get it. Now even he complained about people liking the Doctors more than him! (See my last post.) Rodney was joking. Donald IS a joke!

Every now and again I just feel the need to unload about him. I use verse because neither he nor any of his followers are likely to read it. I suppose he could always pay his old college buddy to read it for him and pretend that he read it himself.



There once was a man from New York

The world soon learned was a dork

Became President - paid no White House rent,

And fed from its Barrels of pork!


Put a slogan on a red hat

The rednecks loved him for that

Make America Great - how long must we wait?

His famous promise fell flat.


I'll build a wall he did say

And I will make Mexico pay

Mexico smiles at the few paltry miles

Stealing pieces of it every day.


As he rises each day from the sac

He can't get his mind off Barack

Donald opens his mouth - his own image goes south

And his Tweets show the world he knows Jack!


He has told thousands of lies

Which everyone 'round him denies

His niece wrote a book with an insider's look

Surprise after juicy surprise.


It ran in the family you see

And apples fall close to the tree

Be a tough man, or bluff if you can

Remember these words - me, me, me!


Still let me try to be fair

'Bout Covid 19 if I dare.

Its rapid case rise caught us all by surprise

World pandemics are rare.


But POTUS decided to stall

For it might interfere with his wall

He mustered a team of the best it would seem

Then gave his V.P. a call


Addressing the nation each day

As we were all in dismay.

Donald took over and Pence looked like Rover

We choked on the crap he would say.


And now he has nowhere to turn

If he won't wear a mask he will burn.

Despite all his lies and what he denies

The death toll should be his concern.


His legacy won't be his wall

Just his one term then his fall

On Twitter he lied while America died

He will be the worst POTUS of all.


Wednesday, 29 July 2020

They Like the Doctors More because of My Personality. Gee ... Ya Think?

One of the Few Things DJT Got Right

I just witnessed The President talking to the media and bemoaning the fact that most people like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx et al better than him. He postulated - OK too big a word to attribute to him - he thought that it was probably because of his personality.

This is like Hitler saying maybe people did not like him because of HIS personality. Was there ever a President who wasted his own, the networks', and the peoples' time with such drivel?The good news is he finally got something right without a script.

I could fill pages - as could just about anyone - with reasons that people might not like him. We can only pray that this time the dislike results in his removal. More entertaining would be to speculate on how he will take his loss and what he will do. Here are some I could anticipate:

  • He has suggested that he won't go - what a priceless moment in history showing the Ex President being forcefully removed from the White house, probably crying like a baby.
  • If Obama actively promotes Biden in the election, Trump could spend yet another four years blaming Barack.
  • He could sue CNN and any of his other media targets claiming that their fake news resulted in his loss
  • If he had acknowledged this virus sooner he could blame it saying it had affected too may Americans' minds. Lost his chance for that one.
  • He could blame his niece for writing her book and all its family secrets.
  • He could blame vote by mail

Or maybe - just maybe - in private he could confide to his wife "Thank God. It's finally over. Let's blow this chicken coupe. I'm going to make dinner tonight after I play some catch with Barron." Ok. Now I am the crazy one.

America: Your own Muhammad Ali managed to Rope a Dope many times. All you have to do is Dump a Trump once! Ali would be proud.


Thursday, 16 July 2020

Social Distancing from The President

No Masking the Truth Either Donald

DJT is finally starting to allow himself to be seen wearing a mask when he thinks it will benefit his image - not his health or yours. He is wrong - dead wrong - about masks NOT helping with this virus. For sure however, he can not mask what is happening to his reputation and the public's opinion of him.

People are social distancing from DJT-2020 as well as Covid-2019. Let's hope they also wash their hands of him. The same goes for other countries. We have all heard the promises he made in 2016 and has not kept including divulging his tax returns. The same goes for the lies he has told numbering in the five digit range.

So let's try to shed this should be American and world leader in another light so that maybe more will finally see that light.

If you are honest and answer YES to any one of these 10 questions, how could you vote for him?

  1. Would he insult another woman the way he did Carly Fiorina in the debates?
  2. Would he insult another disabled person by mocking them the way he did a reporter in 2015?
  3. Would he cheat on his wife if he thought he could keep it hidden?
  4. Will he try to portray Biden's mild stutter as incompetence?
  5. If he is ever in a disaster will he ignore the code "Women and Children first"?
  6. Do you think Putin has something on him?
  7. Is he the only President you can think of that other world leaders have openly laughed at and mocked - even abandoned?
  8. Will he still lie during another campaign and if he is re-elected?
  9. Be really honest here - do you think he is a racist?
  10. Do you think most of those around him are racists

None of these should get a YES for a U.S. President. Put somebody in his place who fails with a perfect zero %


Wednesday, 8 July 2020

It takes a Dotard to LIke a Dotard

Kim was Right

I hate to say it but Kim Jong Un was right. HE is a dotard when it comes to Covid 19. I can't think of a better noun - lots of adjectives. He is killing thousands of Americans by politicizing masks. I guess it takes a dotard to believe in a dotard because some of the statements I heard from his supporters to mayors in Florida were absolutely incredible.

Some of these people make the classic Walmart shopper look like Einstein. God gave me lungs etc. etc. People: God sent the virus if that is the case. He also made the scientists who are trying to save your lives since your leader is not. 

One lady or female dotard said they would have to hold her down and force a mask on her. I really want to be there for that one.

You might have the right to carry weapons folks, but you have no right to kill others with your breath's droplets of your verbal diahhrea. Add the mental constipation to that and there is nothing else to say. 

Where was Trump's niece four years ago?


Thursday, 18 June 2020

Will Bolton's Book be the Straw that Broke the Donald's Back?

We Can Only Hope So!

Impeachment did not manage to remove POTUS from the position he clearly should never have filled. Almost four years of negative press and coverage combined with common sense which most Americans normally possess have also failed to get even a handful of Republicans to attempt to straighten him out.

Maybe this will work. Some of the revelations so far surely must convince some Republicans to show an ounce of courage and integrity and urge their voters to kick him out this year. I would like to say some of the content I have heard so far are incredible but that is the wrong adjective. In his case they are all completely credible. That is the problem. Is Finland part of Russia? Does the U.K. have nukes? 

The only problem is the same one I have.- most people will only read a few sentences - like a Tweet - and not an article let alone an entire book. They cash required to buy it is also a problem.

Will his insistence on members of his base signing a Corona waiver to attend his rally make them see the light since from the other side of his face he says the pandemic is disappearing?

There I go again - trying to use logic and reason to explain how he got and remains where he is.

Give your head a shake Brewster. What was I thinking?


Sunday, 7 June 2020

George Floyd Case Raises Another Interesting Question ...

If the other 3 officers are guilty then what about …?

Many people agree that the other 3 officers who basically watched the murder of George Floyd are guilty of something. We now see the charges are aiding and abetting. One argument is that they should have tried to stop Derek Chauvin based on pleas from the victim, from bystanders, and using their own good judgement regarding Floyd's obvious distress.

I am not qualified to judge those charges but it does seem to me that if this were any branch of the military, questioning the actions of a superior officer and trying to get him/her to change that action would get you into big trouble. It appears that Chauvin was indeed the most senior but I don't know if he put them in their place or not. No, this is not the military but the question of what they might have suffered had they tried to stop Chauvin surely was on their minds.

However my point today is on a different but related topic. Let us assume that these three officers are guilty even though it was not any of their knees on the victim. Also, they should have known better. Surely then every member of the Republican Party is similarly guilty of aiding and abetting all the lies and atrocious actions taken by their President and de facto leader. Only one or two have ever spoken out against this man. Can anyone really think that all party members agree with him and his words and actions?

There might not be laws for these cowards not speaking out against the man who should no longer be POTUS but they are just as guilty - even more so since most of them have more years of experience than these three officers.

I disagree with looting and burning under any circumstances but let's have more peaceful protests against the spineless Republicans who value their job more than their integrity.

Come any of their elections the American people should peacefully put them all on the same one way bus out of town as they do their President in November.