Saturday, 9 May 2020

Sure Could Use A Little Good News Today

Hats Off to Anne Murray

I was trying to think of a heading today. I had in mind all the bad news we have had, in particular since 2016, and during the Corona crisis. "Sure Could Use A Little Good News Today" came to mind. I knew it came from a song and Googled it - up came Anne Murray. I listened to it. You would almost think she wrote it in the last few months.

Listen to it and you will hear an expression of what I had in mind expressed to music - a great job well done. But I will express my thoughts anyway and won't burden you with an attempt at singing them. She is also a lot more pleasant to the eye than I am.

It has been a long time since some really good news: people rescued from in a mine or cave facing almost certain death; natural disasters wherein after days someone is found alive; a sports victory; a city or country liberated (but usually destroyed); a big lottery winner; a child prodigy; life changing surgery. Perhaps it is time for another touching chart topping musical group or artist - not mechanized, repetitive noise with a 4-5 note range masquerading as music.

Usually we hear about Trump; war; more war; floods; tornadoes & cyclones; climate change; animals moving to extinction mainly by the hand of man; pollution of the air, water, and land once again by the hand of man.

What prompted this was the media coverage of yet another black man - Ahmaud Arbery -shot to death in the good old USA by multiple white guys with guns. The black man was jogging and perish the thought, had stopped to observe a construction site. How many of us have stopped to do that, jogging or otherwise? It is a sad state of affairs when this horrific news is all there is to provide a diversion from COVID-19.

As I said in my introduction, a little good news would go a long way. A breakthrough in COVID-19 would be like Armistice Day re-lived! If we could hug and scream without masks it would be wonderful.

For a day or two.Then the bad news would return - it always does. Is there a network that features only what is clearly good news? Maybe there should be.


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