Monday, 18 June 2018

Trump Card - Isolate the Kids from their Parents

Does Taking the Kids Take the Cake?

For the last 48 hours or so we have seen pictures of crying children and heard general disgust expressed at this latest aspect of immigration policy. It almost reminds me of the poor naked girl in Vietnam fleeing with burning American napalm on her back. Ironically, she ended up in the USA - maybe there is hope.

We are quite used to politicians clutching at any opportunity to be photographed holding a baby or child during an election. But this? Come on Mr. President and come on Kellyanne. Really? I mean, really? You actually tried to imply that it might bring people to the table?

Are they to be considered just more American collateral damage?

I can only think of one thing worse. Take away Trump's phone or his Twitter account. Then watch the crying! "Some big mean man took my phone. I want it back! This isn't fair! I want my Mommy!"

I want to say "God help you" but I suspect you will face that other ultimate judge.

The Brewster

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Trump Walks Out on Friends

Trump's Condition is Quite Common

The President has recently walked out on his friends and allies. He also left North Korea with apparently nothing in return for what he gave. This is a common condition for men of his vintage. I believe it is known as Premature Evacuation.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Trump and Kim Jong-Un

A Lesson from the Past

Does anyone see the parallel in Trump's visit and treatment of Kim, and Joe Kennedy's view of Hitler? Britain had already seen through Hitler and declared war on Germany but good old Joe thought he could buy off the dictator. He went to see the top man but failed. Trump made it.

Both Kennedy and earlier Chamberlain were charmed by Adolf and a policy of basically sucking up to him. It failed.

I saw this in a recent documentary about the Kennedy family. Perhaps Donald should watch it. Ironically there was also a nuclear race back then. Both Germany and the United States were pursuing what was then the Atomic Bomb. Germany was also developing the rocket technology to deliver it. Thankfully the USA managed to recruit the German experts for its own use and fly them home.

This is eerily similar to today except that largely because of that technology the USA is still ahead of North Korea. At the end of World War II it trailed Germany. Some day it could also trail North Korea - especially with the help of China. 

Where would the world be today if Germany had won the rocket / Atomic race? Where will it be if Kim wins this one?

The Brewster

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Rosanne, Trump etc.

The Difference between Fun and Nasty

There is a lot being made about Rosanne's comments, her show and naturally, the current President. I have never had any respect for this person (the actress but OK the President as well) - simply crass with no class. She is not funny to me. Perhaps she is to many others. Fine. They probably voted Trump.

A lot is also said about how her show was such a novel one - soap box podium for the Right. Really? No-one seems to be mentioning the immensely popular and very controversial show "All in the Family" with Archie Bunker and the subsequent "Archie Bunker's Place." The shows made some of the stuff on Rosanne seem mild by comparison. Archie specialized in all kinds of racial, gay and homophobic, male chauvinist remarks just for starters that simply made everyone laugh.

It was actually based upon a British sitcom called "'Till Death Us Do Part" both created by Johnny Speight. In this case the Archie character was Alf Garnett. The difference in all cases was the humour. They made even the victims smile and when the actors were interviewed in person, it was obvious they were only role playing on the shows.

Rosanne is not. What you see is what you get and I for one, don't like it. Her mockery of the anthem and the spitting said it all.

Right back at you lady. You belong in a Walmart video.

The Brewster

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Netanyahu Pitch Déjà Vu

Did We Not See This Movie Before?

In watching Prime Minister Netanyahu unveil his shelves of files and diagrams of warheads it all looked familiar. 

The last time however, it was the USA doing the talking and wielding the pointer. The subject was the same - nuclear weapons. Remember the images of trucks and buildings supposedly carrying and hiding weapons of mass destruction? The entire world watched. It was supposed to be justification for invading Iraq.

Now you have a Middle Eastern country trying the same technique to convince the United States to invade - the Middle East!

How ironic is that?

The Brewster

Monday, 30 April 2018

Best Rope a Dope since Cassius Clay

Kim Jong-un Rope A Dope

There once was a ruler named Kim,
Who found himself out on a limb.
His nuke site eroded and nearly imploded,
And people were laughing at him.

He knew if he tried he could find
A new way to come from behind.
He dreamt up an offer to add to the coffer,
Then sit back to watch it unwind.

The world would fall for his ruse,
And Trump would jump at the news.
He'd "give up" his Nukes and end our rebukes
An offer no one could refuse.

"Since my weapons are broken and battered,
I'll pretend my resolve has been shattered.
Let The President Tweet that he brought my defeat.
But my arsenal no longer mattered!"

We don't want to break Donald's bubble,
And tell him Kim's nukes are just rubble.
Trump might beat his chest but Kim comes out best
With an end to his sanctions and trouble.

The Brewster

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Press Corps Dinner Bombs

Trump Gets It Right This Time 

I was looking forward to the annual Press Corps dinner / roast last night. The one featuring Obama with Trump in the audience was great. That is to say Obama was great - Trump not so much.  What a letdown this year. Trump stayed away again. In hindsight I don't blame him. It sucked big time and that is not fake news.

Things started OK but the current president of the group, nice as she seems, was not a great speaker. She appeared to lose her place a lot. The remarks and awards were sincere enough but the agenda, if there was one, was completely disorganized throughout. There should have been a professional MC to keep things flowing and on track.

Unfortunately I was watching CNN at the time and they oversold the guest speaker, Michelle Wolf. The CNN anchors also suffered from poor dinner scheduling. I lost count of how many times they said that Michelle would be coming on in "Just a few minutes!" I was beginning to think she had cancelled.

As it turned out perhaps she should have. This guest was horrible. Any stand-up speaker who relies heavily on the "F" bomb and other vulgarities in a vain attempt at humour is a failure from the outset - in my opinion. That was matched only by her far too personal attacks on various attendees.

It is very difficult in any of these "roast" situations to strike a balance between poking fun and hitting well below the belt. It takes class to accomplish this. Wolf had none.

Shame on the Press Corps. Their members deserved a lot better. The worst thing - you played right into DT's hands.

The Brewster

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Incel? What a Crock

Hell Hath No Fury Like a MAN Scorned 

Before the horror that recently unfolded on Toronto's Yonge Street North, I had never heard the term "Incel". Now that I have, as a man it leaves me speechless. There are so many things wrong with looking for any rational "motive" for what this animal did that I don't know where to begin.

It reminds me of "Road Rage". Please! Every time people demonstrate totally unacceptable and often illegal behaviour someone invents a new name, disorder, or syndrome for it. In the case of so-called Road Rage I have seen guilty women as well as men. They don't usually punch each other out on busy streets but their driving and anger can be just as unacceptable.

Does that mean that we will soon see sexually frustrated women annihilating people in as violent a manner as they can muster out of sheer rage against men? I seriously doubt it. They would have far more reason to do so than most men given the disparagement that women have traditionally experienced socially, at home, in religion, in the workplace etc. However can anyone imagine a female slaughtering others just because she isn't getting any?

Some things never change. For the most part if a woman of any age won't go out with a man there is usually a good reason for it. The same goes for losing interest in him or saying no to sex. Frequently he is just a jerk. On the other hand men think nothing of saying NO to even dating a woman based upon physical appearance alone. Will such spurned women start shooting soon? I hope not.

This is a male problem guys - time we started facing up to it. If you hear another guy talking spitefully about a woman just because he struck out engage him in dialogue. Share an experience when you were rejected as well. Try to gauge just how angry he is.

Who would have thought that the old slang term getting "Shot Down" would some day be so poignant?

The Brewster

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Florida Judge's Despicable Behaviour

Tasmanian Devil Judge

The recent video we saw of a female Florida judge chewing out a young girl at the other end of a video feed was outrageous. 

I don't know all the circumstances surrounding this but I don't have to. What I saw was behaviour that was totally unwarranted towards anyone but a misbehaving hard criminal or arrogant lawyer or prosecutor in her courtroom. I saw neither.

It almost looked as though she was auditioning for yet another "reality" court program (as if we need another "Judge Suzy Q"  Jerry Springer wannabe show.) 

Her early retirement was appropriate. If she just got up on the wrong side of the bed now is her chance to stay there for a long sleep.

The Brewster

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

They Don't Make'm Like Barbara Bush Any More

Now THAT'S a Lady

Just like your grandmother (at least those in my generation); Angela Channing on Falcon Crest (Jane Wyman); or Kate Lawrence on Family (Sada Thompson), this was a lady who exuded respect, control, and grace from you or any of her family members.

I was very impressed with the tributes I heard last night after her passing. Most of us did not know Mrs. Bush but now I have much more of an appreciation for the person. When I saw footage of her husband's inauguration her eyes were just glued to him the entire time like the adoring wife she was.

However she managed to walk a line somewhere between the '50s stereotype housewife like June Cleaver and the '60's burn your bra feminists apparently not taking static from anyone lightly. She supported her husband throughout all of her endeavours and I suspect her husband would have done the same in return.

There will no doubt be some great documentaries or specials to follow. I hope I don't miss them. They were probably the ideal American Dream couple.

The Brewster