Saturday, 14 April 2018

Space and the Cosmos - The Great Equalizer

COSMOS: the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system

The above is a real definition. Having just viewed a recent video of a live broadcast between the space station and Queens University featuring Dr. Drew Feustel, it represents a tragic irony.

What I saw and heard was a magnificent example of astronauts from the United States, Canada, Russia and many other nations all working together in perfect harmony in that fascinating unknown - the Cosmos (or Space). What I heard was awe inspiring.

Yet here on this tiny spec we call Earth in that Cosmos, those same nations or their leaders can't get along and even scheme to destroy each other. Both Russia and the USA have cooperated to shuttle each others scientists to and from that station. Surely there is a lesson here. If they can be colleagues up there, why can't their political leaders at least get along down here?

Such thoughts inspired the following:

With mortal sight we do behold
This awe inspiring vision.
Mysteries of our sky unfold

Immaculate precision. 

A home away from home we share.

Depending on each other.
When we return how will we fare?
Will I still call you brother?

We share this vast celestial sight.

It casts on us a spell.
We fear our heads of state just might
Change Earth to living hell.

As we observe these planets far

In this communal space,
Are we being judged from distant star?
Have we used up our grace?

If our great leaders would agree

To take a turn up here,
As one team they soon would see
That trust surpasses fear.

There will come a time when we

Will have to conquer space.
Cooperation will be key
To live beyond this place.

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