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On this page I am the subject matter. No offence taken if you want to skip it.

I would tell you about me growing up but even after all these decades, I don't think I have yet! Call me a living Peter Pan. Like the young Peter, I have tried thinking about wonderful things - like ice cream - to see if I can fly but I just end up pigging out on the stuff and have to work out longer at the gym.

In primary and high school, doing homework and getting good marks was my priority - socializing and hanging with friends was secondary - so sad. My strengths were math, physics, and sciences but did well in some of the arts. What a mistake. Art, music, and writing teachers told me I should pursue their subjects. I should have listened.

Graduated from the University of Waterloo where the priorities quickly changed. Socializing and females (I was a late starter) became top priority - had a blast. I kept up my marks but primarily to earn free tuition starting in engineering and switching to math. Received a degree. Got a job. Worked over 40 years in computers which I avoided like a plague in university. Really smart Brewster. If you want your kid to do well just have her/him read this page as an example not to follow.

It was Dylan's time. "To be without a home - like a complete unknown - like a ROLLING STONE". Thank you Bob. I was not a big fan then but perhaps I should have been.

It would seem that I spent my life and career with the left analytic brain hemisphere dominating. Late in life the right creative side has proven to be far more satisfying.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do writing it. The great thing about a blog or any creative art form – you get to curse yourself, laugh at yourself, or pat yourself on the back and nobody knows! The worst part is that with the passing years and stiffening joints the back patting gets tougher and tougher.

Please let me know if you enjoy something in particular – it is part of the reward.

The Brewster

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BrummieInAmerica said...

This made me smile - and yes, there are good lessons in it for us all, whatever the age. Thanks!