Monday, 11 April 2022

UFOs True or False

 Do ETs look like this little guy?

Most of us are familiar with the above image from Steven Spielberg's movie, ET. the Extra Terrestrial (creator of ET movie - Search ( Was it based upon a Roswell secret crash or just a vivid imagination? Only Steven can say for sure. For my purpose it doesn't matter.

To me if you are one who has accepted the biblical theory of the creation of the universe (sorry, but it is a theory) then accepting that there are other forms of life in it is a no brainer. I have no doubt that there have to be other "humans" out there and other non-human species just as there are here on Earth.

As far as E.T. wanting to "go home" is concerned, who can blame him? I'd want to get off this planet as well, beautiful as it should be, if there were a safer place - where the grey matter of little grey beings is put to a better use than pure selfishness.

If you let yourself think outside of the box (the collection box for the ultra faithful) then interesting propositions evolve. If past visitors do look something like our little gender neutral character, does this support the theory of evolution?

On one hand it does if the visitors basically have two legs, feet, arms, hands with eight fingers and two thumbs, two eyes and one head. It would then seem that they evolved in a similar fashion to us. However one might ask wouldn't Natural Selection have created multiples of all of the previous items? Surely four or six eyes and perhaps four arms would be an advantage as would dark skin and lots of body hair. Apparently this was not the case with either of us so far. Will we have some of these millions of years into the future? That begs the question "What is future?" but that's another topic. For that we have to understand the concept of time. Good luck.

As I have said before, if there is a supreme deity, male or female, or another gender, and earth is like one grain of sand in the Sahara dessert, why would they have created only one set of living organisms on Earth alone?

Consider this: extra terrestrials and their craft must have been 'created' or evolved to be our superiors just to be able to make it here. We are decades if not centuries behind in our ability to travel into distant space - at least in our present form.

Google UFO and look at some of the results or watch a documentary on the topic. Netflix has one. UFOs have been seen all over the world. Governments including America's try to suppress this immediately. Have we learned new technology from them? The documentary suggests America might have allowed visitors to take specific human individuals away from Earth for research purposes. Was it a trade?

What are they reporting about Earth and Earthlings back home? Click on "Aliens UFOs etc." in the topics above. Try this one: The Brewster Block : Search results for are we being punished.

There are enough resources on this planet and there is enough wealth already created by them to feed and nourish everyone alive. A reasonable lifestyle could also be created by them. 
It is no infant's choice to whom they were born or under what conditions. They just need help - a lot of it. Very greedy people around the world including its political leaders seem to think this is not feasible.

Instead of helping and sharing, such individuals - and they are right here in the west as well - are willing to let the horrors of wars and famines take their toll. #Putin is only the latest.

"Why should I help others when nobody helped me?" Just trace your life from the time you were born. If you are capable of reading this and you have the means (that phone you are holding) there was plenty of help.

Our visitors are probably taking this message back home: "Earth is the most selfish planet we have ever visited." What will our punishment be whether divine or not?



BrummieInAmerica said...

This makes for a very interesting read:

A friend of ours in Newport, RI used to host an annual gathering of UFO experts at her gracious home on the harbor. Dr. Mack was one of the regular attendees.

I wonder if, as the world becomes ever more threatened with environmental disaster, we shall see more landings of these aliens?

The Brewster said...

Thanks for the follow up. We used to have friends in Newport. Great place. Visited all the mansions - talk about greed! About to read the article you linked to. Thanks again

The Brewster said...

I knew nothing about that incident. Must say it is a bit much to think that all those kids had such a unified tall tale if that's what it was. I believe them.