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Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Trump's "Death Wish"

What Goes Around Comes Around 

This will be short.

Anyone who saw or heard The Donald's latest rant against Mitch McConnell can't mistake the intent. He might be speaking in some "code" to his followers and will likely say it was just sarcasm or a joke but the public knows better.

He has a history of settling scores and carrying a grudge. To his credit, McConnell spoke out about Trump being responsible for January 6th and acknowledged Biden as the legitimate new President. The Donald has just been waiting to pounce. He even resorted to the slime ball tactic of making a disparaging remark about McConnell's wife. Typical!

So if Trump's remark was just rhetoric then so is this. By making such a remark it is only logical to conclude that The Donald himself has his own death wish. I doubt that I will make front page news but DJT did because that is what he wanted.

As for the crack about Elaine Chao, she was born in Taiwan. Melania Trump was born is Yugoslavia. Since Chao has held several cabinet posts she has to be at least a naturalized citizen. I could find no specific dates. However even more controversial is Melania's path to citizenship. It is "accepted" that she must be but try to Google how and when she became a citizen. Good luck.

Given the sham that was Trump's claim that Obama was not a citizen, why is her history so controversial? Just show us proof - the way Barack did. Chao could do the same thing but I can't see her being in cabinet posts without citizenship. Melania would have been able to be First Lady of the country and Trump's 3rd lady without it.

More Trump hypocrisy?


Sunday, 25 September 2022

White Supremacy in America

Will History Compare America to Nazi Germany?

People have been castigated for referring to Trump and his supporters as Hitler and the Nazis. I am not about to do that. Will history? Will you? Is America going down that slippery and disgusting slope?

Recently CNN aired specials on The Holocaust. It was astonishing. One man managed to instil enough hatred in the citizens of his country to drive them into becoming a killing machine. He actually appointed to some of his highest positions officers whose sole purpose was to invent "efficient" ways to put millions of undesirables to death and dispose of their remains and belongings. Some specialized in torture - not just efficient means but painful, unspeakable ones.

The worst part was that some of the perpetrators actually relished what they were doing. Germany in both world wars but World War II in particular was only the most prominent example of what human beings are capable of doing to other human beings. Others happened in Russia (Stalin), Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Haiti, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia to name a few. Even America would qualify if you look at its treatments of natives and slaves.

The world invented a name - genocide - and various courts and tribunals to "deal" with it. It still happens. Will America be back on the black list in the future?

The majority of unbiased, normal everyday citizens of both parties know and saw what happened on January 6th, 2020. People tried to hang the Vice President and kill, using unknown means, The Speaker. Look again at that year - 2020. One man incented the mob to such violence and fever: Trump. For sure he used other people and other groups, but he knew exactly what would happen and has even said that perhaps Mike Pence deserved it!

That same majority of American citizens also know that there was no stolen election. Trump lost. He and his followers TRIED to steal the election but they failed just as he has failed so many times before.

The groups that support him have slogans, uniforms, and weapons. They protest violently and target certain groups including once again anyone who is Jewish or non-white. Trump loves it - so did that other guy in that other country in that other time.

Trump's entire existence appears to be based upon lies - tens of thousands of them. For somebody who is so keen on his own image of being a tough guy, he is a cry baby and a sore loser.

You can read any day about the negative effects Russia's war on Ukraine is having at home -  all sad. How long did Germany suffer after its leader, who lied to its  people, toppled? Some might say it is still suffering.

If America does lapse into extreme violence in the future you can call it Civil War or anything you want. The name won't matter. What will matter is seeing right there in the U.S.A. scenes of 9/11 and the Twin Towers all over the country. It will be sad indeed if we also see repeats of any of those horrors in other places right here under the watchful eyes of Lady Liberty - if she is still standing.

If America does look like post war Munich or London in the near future, who will come to her aide? There will be no Marshall Plan. What probably WILL happen is an attack militarily or economically from those who are just waiting for such a chance to crush her once and for all.

Think long and hard before you vote America. It might be your last time to do so.


Monday, 15 August 2022

Mar-a-Logo. Now I get it!

More Trump Scamming

Despite all the protests when elected, Trump still managed to milk the Presidency (which is to say the American public) for millions for him and his family. I just realized his latest caper.

He took many boxes of documents which he knew was wrong if not illegal, to Mar-a-Lago. But hey - illegal - he doesn't know the meaning of the word. What else is new? He figured that since he owns the resort (not sure if I can even believe that) then if some day somebody wants to create a Trump Presidential Library (why on earth would you?) then he could charge admission to see the records!

You have to wonder what else would be in there. Audio of him talking about grabbing women by the pussy? Some of Stormy Daniels' most artistic works? All of his war medals? One room devoted to each wife? How about international leaders laughing at him and the shot of him pushing one out of the way so he could be at the front of the photo shoot? A Bible displayed upside down? There would have to be a facility for booking time at any of his golf courses. There are endless possibilities, including his tax records (finally!)

Now he is claiming he declassified all the records he took. Why now? Because his lawyer told him to try this angle. There is no way he could think of that himself. I guess he also declassified the paperwork and records of said declassification! Where did he take those?

Still American leaders in both houses and perhaps some in the Supreme Court have abandoned all decency and conscience and kiss his butt every chance they get. Many of them seem to have functioning brains in their heads. Others don't. It doesn't matter.

He always said he could shoot somebody in Times Square and his supporters would still love him. Now we know he can get caught with his hand in the cookie jar(s) belonging to those very same people and they don't care.

Washington does need fixing. Trump can't do it. The only thing he can fix is his college entry exam and the number of attendees at his inauguration. Oh yes - probably his tax records if we ever see them as promised.

If Trump is returned to office, America is toast - burnt toast. He is a conman. He was already run out of town. Now he should become a convict.


Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Is Trump's Butt the GOP Blarney Stone?

OMG. What a Thought!

There are places in the world where you can leave your personal mark as a tourist. Several in the U.S.A. are listed here:

12 Places Where Tourists Can Leave Their Mark: | Travel Channel

Many more famous ones exist like the Blarney Stone in Ireland. There you have to lie on your back and lower your head underneath a high parapet of ancient Blarney Castle to plant a kiss on the famous part of the castle's construction. It is meant to bring good fortune. Take lots of Lysol!

In China there is a section of the Great Wall where authorities gave up outlawing the defacing of the famous wall and designated a section where it is permitted.

In Stanley Park, Vancouver, there exists the huge stump of a fallen Western Red Cedar which is big enough to walk into and said to be 1000 years old. Thousands have written and carved inside it including yours truly in 1966. Upon my return some ten years ago, I was unable to find my initials!

In Sudbury, Ma., the Longfellow Wayside Inn has existed since 1716 claiming to be the oldest operating inn in the USA. We stayed there once in an antique but comfortable room accessible only by a tiny winding staircase. Adjacent to the Inn is a tiny red schoolhouse claiming to be the one mentioned in "Mary had a Little Lamb." It was a great place to visit. Our room had a tradition of trying to find a small keepsake left by the previous guest and then leaving one yourself. I composed a poem. (The Secret Drawer Society.)

What is my point? Just like that Blarney Stone above there are two chambers in the U.S. government full of spineless Republicans who have all stooped to kiss the butt of The Donald, also hoping for good fortune. What a repugnant thought - can't be much unclaimed space left. Some even travelled to his under-appraised castle to do so.

These "leaders" are supposed to have taken an oath to uphold the constitution and protect the government and the people form insurrection. Instead they helped to cause one. None of them deserve to keep their positions. If you really want to save your democracy, vote every one of them out of office and never vote the liar of liars back in.


Thursday, 27 January 2022

Trump as a Dictator

Careful Donald! Don't Ever Forget the Final Outcome.

Some people have compared The Donald to Mein F├╝hrer - Adolf Hitler. They were severely chastised for it considering the atrocities Hitler perpetrated. This was justified and only circulated because of free speech and true journalism. Donald has not gone that far - yet. Almost letting his own Vice President be strung up by a mob certainly showed his darker side. In my opinion the comparison was inappropriate for a different reason. Hitler was actually a remarkably clever man and a brilliant orator. You can draw your own inference.

What I have done before is show the physical resemblance between Trump's oh so practiced mean, mouth downturned scowl, and that of Benito Mussolini. It is almost a direct copy. The Italian's was natural. I think Donald spent many hours in front of a mirror perfecting the look. It would be interesting to know how many of those mirrors survived.

Like it or not his rhetoric, attitude, appointees, and certainly his base have moved way out there on the right where dictators, especially the most ruthless, egocentric, and cruel, reside.

So if Mussolini is one of your secret heroes, Big D, I hope you studied his entire legacy. Pay particular attention to how the Italian population treated him after they felt so betrayed and cheated. The images of his ultimate demise are easy to find.

Take a look and remember both Italy and Germany returned to a democratic system after someone with your personal ambition had their brief moment behind the podium.


Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Trump Does Not Deserve the "President" Title Out Of Office

Not even Ex-President, just Donald J. Trump

All those Republicans who have decided to kiss Trump's ring and/or his butt and all of us have to question one thing.

If the invaders of The Capital Building were any other foreign nationals, would he, Donald J. Trump, have honoured his Presidential oath of office by immediately rallying and ordering forces to repel the invaders?

If the answer is NO he clearly would be impeached and found guilty. If the answer is YES, then why didn't he when those invaders were Americans? In either case his Presidential duty is shirked. In the present case he not only encouraged the mob but delayed too long in reacting. Does anyone really doubt he was watching it live - that he didn't know what was happening? He promised the mob he would be with them! 

Any true President - even a "lame duck" one still should have acted immediately to protect the American government and its citizens. He did not and he should never be President again.

"Shame on those Republicans!" The number of times we could have repeated that is only exceeded by the number of lies Trump has told before, during, and after his term - his single term - in office.


Tuesday, 9 February 2021

How to Make America Great Again

Trump Can Make Her Great Again - Here's How

Listening to the proceedings today about Trump's pending impeachment, his lawyer went on about how impeaching him was wrong and will further divide the country and maybe destroy it. He referred to other countries watching etc. He didn't talk much about almost being destroyed already, on January 6th, 2021

After the spectacle of the last four years and what the world saw on January 6, the only things that will put America back on top again are twofold:

1. Make Trump pay for The Big Lie and inciting a mob to destroy and murder
2. Punish and imprison those who destroyed and intended to murder.

Abiding by the rule of law - everyone - is one of the shining characteristics of the United States of America. She has to show that such extreme actions will not be tolerated and those involved have to pay - including Trump.

There is video back in 2017 showing The Donald with his family saying that the events of the day could be "The calm before the storm". When asked to explain he told reporters to just "wait and see." There is no shortage of video showing his incitement.

As for the thugs, saying "Our President told us to" is not a defence for any of this. The insurgents are not in the military and Trump is not their superior officer - when such a defense might be valid.

Many say it is all politics and the Dems are afraid of Trump running again. His rather lousy lawyer talked about how the American people know how to get rid of a leader they don't like by voting him/her out and they just did! By such statements alone he verified The Big Lie himself! What he left out was that apparently millions of those same American voters think that Trump's tactics including violence and possibly murder are both OK.

Neither is. To prove that the system still works DJT has to be found guilty publicly. We already know his guilt.


Tuesday, 26 January 2021

#TrumpLegacy .com

 Elephant Trump is out of the Room

Trump's defeat - the legal, legitimate defeat is a major blow for me. I am just a humble and unknown blogger - one of millions. But over time I increasingly felt - even as a Canadian - compelled to write about U.S. politics and The Donald in particular.

Unlike the big networks, CNN for sure, who still try to fill the day and air time with Trumpomania and Trumpophobia, I am back to "What can I write about today?" If you do a search of this blog for "TRUMP" using the labels above or the search or archives to the right, I filled a lot of pages and covered many subjects focusing on The Donald.

That will be a big part of his legacy - he made a lot of headlines. The problem is most of them were bad, even terrible. So I hope his conviction will also be a major headline forever, in his legacy. The Senate must find him guilty if they are to in any way represent the ideals upon which America and its Constitution were founded.

No matter how you cut it if anyone, President or other Official, could just resign to avoid a deserved conviction, then impeachment would become a non-entity. All these hypocritical holdout big "R" Republicans know it. Unfortunately many of the small "r" followers and voters don't. They got sucked in by Trump and either don't know it or will never admit it.

I've said it before and here it is again: Only time will heal America's biggest problems all of which have racism as an underlying cause. It won't be because of a miracle worker which Biden will have to be and I wish him every success. The solution is in the thousands of young people we have seen for many years - black boys and white girls or black girls and white boys - holding hands, getting married, and building their lives together. How is it that they can be oblivious to the "problem" but not their parents or grandparents?

It goes back to what scholars have said for years. No new-born anywhere entered the world with racism and hatred in its brain. That is concept taught by adults. Younger generations for the most part, escaped learning it. It has to die with their older relatives.

A final favourite analogy. Hitler was not firing the bullets; throwing the grenades; dropping the bombs; or turning on the gas in those showers. He was always safe in his bunker letting his agents do all the dirty stuff. Just like Trump even though he promised on January 6 to be with them - another big lie. The victors went after Hitler and his henchmen. In his case he is alleged to have taken his own life not out of guilt but out of cowardice. He would not face his own disgrace and conviction. Trump must face both.


Thursday, 14 January 2021

Looking at Trump from 10,000 Feet

 Trump is a Bad Ass with No Class

Down here on the ground or in the trenches, there are thousands of examples of Trump's bad behavior - disgusting things that no national leader should ever do or say. He attacked a woman's appearance. He mocked a reporter with a disability. The majority of world leaders would never have done so. We all know that.

I have written many times about this, but I know he will never change. Rather than go through even more daily examples at ground level, perhaps the best way to describe The Donald is from on high - way up high. All of the above and probably everything else he will do in the future can be summed up in two words: No Class.

For somebody who claims to be so wealthy (show us the money), he has no idea how to be classy. The word is not in his vocabulary.

Many equate wealth with class - falsely. Lots of wealthy people are classy as are many without the wealth. Lots of very rich people lack class - usually the ostentatious ones. Trump is one of these. They go out of their way to be noticed. Such people can never be classy. When a person is very wealthy they don't have to try to prove it. People just know. The same goes for class. If you have that sought after characteristic there is no need to prove it. People will sense it immediately. It is exuded. Trump exudes selfishness and crassness.

The real tragedy of all of this is that he has dragged most of the leaders and many of the followers in the Republican Party down with him. The reputation followed.

His claim that he was shocked by the events of January 6, 2020 in DC is one of his biggest lies. No class. It was like Hitler, had he survived, claiming he was also shocked and saying that he actually loved the Jews. He had no idea of the presence of butchers in his army - no inkling of gas chambers. Oh yes and by the way, it is wrong that his podiums where he addressed the people on the street be forever banned. That is an invasion of his personal liberty.

Maybe some day The Donald will disappear into a bunker somewhere in South America. Let the Boas squeeze the truth out of him. The trials of his colleagues should continue just the same. Ditto the prosecutions.


Monday, 11 January 2021

American Proverbs and How They Apply to the Last Four Years

Teach Your Kids These Using the Trump Presidency

I was looking up some proverbs. Here is a site that lists 17 with an explanation or two:

Then I thought about how many ways these words of wisdom could have and perhaps should have been applied to the last four years in America.

1. You Can’t Make an Omelette Without Breaking a Few Eggs.

Trump has been working on his own omelette for four years and he is definitely not a cook. Naturally many eggs were broken. The omelette is not finished but hopefully his goose is cooked!

2. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket.

He ignored this advice and the basket leaked. I see his many promises as the eggs here. Many have been broken as in number 1.

3. Don’t Count Your Chickens Until They Hatch.

Obviously he ignored this one when it came to the 2020 election and the 2018 House elections. Good for everyone else.

4. There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat.

This one seems to apply to all of the appointments he has made and then replaced. The victims probably feel as though they have indeed been skinned. In general however he only knows one way to do anything - lie!

5. Strike While the Iron Is Hot.

This one he saved until January 6, 2021. It was TOO hot. Perhaps he deserves credit for applying it to his decision to run in the first place. It worked out for him then.

6. A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush.

I am trying hard to ignore the famous name Bush itself. I could also get crude about his boasts about grabbing people there. He seems to think that he has everybody in the palm of his hand. There are however so many now in the bushes they might overrun him. We can only hope.

7. Never Trouble Trouble ’til Trouble Troubles You.

He should have left Biden and his family alone. Same for Obama. They have both proven to be very troublesome.

8. Paddle Your Own Canoe.

The man certainly does that - upstream unfortunately and even though I am sure he has been told to wear a life jacket and carry an extra paddle he was too much of a know it all to listen.

9. Bitter Pills May Have Blessed Effects.

He rejected many such pills: courtesy; truth; sharing the credit; reaching out; taking a back seat. The list is long and the effects could have been very blessed indeed. Too late now.

10. Don’t Make a Mountain out of a Molehill.

He does this with every criticism he has ever received however minor. It comes with the territory Mr. President. That title just does not seem to be appropriate. Never has.

11. It’s Darkest Before the Dawn.

The evening of January 6, 2021. Also his re-election could have been that dawn if he had not been so dark himself.

12. Every Gray Cloud Has a Silver Lining.

Again January 6th if all else works out. People finally saw the truth about the man. Some will still ignore it. The Government and its representatives survived. It did shed light on some major weaknesses.

13. People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones.

Perfect - applies to all his glass houses everywhere. It appears that many of them will crumble. Has any President ever thrown more stones?

14. There Are Plenty More Fish in the Sea.

Probably his attitude to women and loyal staff - like Pence. What he has to remember is that he will soon be swimming in that sea and it is full of sharks and crocs.

15. Take It with a Grain of Salt.

This is one we have all learned on his behalf - whenever he speaks!

16. The Early Bird Gets the Worm.

Perhaps this is what motivates him to Tweet all night and well into the early morning. Unfortunately he attracted a lot of snakes with the worms.

17. From Little Acorns Mighty Oaks Do Grow.

Only thing I can think of here is his never seeing active duty. Does he have any acorns? Apparently he has bone spurs. Right. The mighty Oaks in his business garden all rotted and fell. If not they soon will.

Try this yourself. I found that the first thought that came to my mind was interesting! Amateur psychology 101.


Thursday, 7 January 2021

Dump Trump. #Impeachment; #Article 25; Whatever it Takes.

 President Trump is a Disgrace.

The Day of the Jackal arrived in America: January 6, 2021.

Only 2 things to say today:

1) We told you so!
2) (On hold for two more weeks): YOU'RE FIRED!


Sunday, 3 January 2021

Impeach Trump a Second Time

Trump Should be Impeached Again 

OK so this will never happen BUT it should. His recent call to the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to "find" votes to overturn the election results after his loss to President-elect Joe Biden should be the final straw. He wants him to "recalculate" the votes, already counted more than once. He is trying to trap the man into answering "Yes" to leading questions. There can be no doubt such an answer would have been used out of context to rouse the troupes.

It would be so sweet if Nancy and Congress managed to find enough support in the Senate to rush through an impeachment motion with enough votes this time to pass it in the senate and then actually REMOVE the tyrant. Even if it could be rushed, there are not enough Republicans with a spine to do it.

If this does not show how unfit Trump is for the job, what does? The man was, is, and always will be a loser. So now what is left of the Republican Party?

Who could lead it? Ted Cruise? We all heard him call Trump every nasty name in the book in 2016 then kiss Trump's butt right, left, AND center in 2020. Lindsay Graham? He flips positions more than a flapjack at a country fair. Mitch? He should have retired years ago or been put out to pasture where his bullsh_t would have done some good. Mitt Romney? Probably a good choice. He at least appears to have some honor left in him.

With any luck we will have eight years, not four, before we will have to worry about it.


Thursday, 24 December 2020

Official 2020 Trump Portrait

 Where have I seen that look?

I asked this before. How many hours has Donald practiced that grumpy, downturned mouth stare? Could he be trying to copy these guys? 

Winston was a true leader loved by his citizens. A real war time PM. He got what he deserved - glory.

                                                                                  Image of Winston Churchill

Benito was initially "loved" and then assassinated and hung upside down by his citizens. He got what he deserved also.

                                                                                   Image of Benito Mussolini


Who was Donald's idol? I hope it was Churchill.


Sunday, 20 December 2020

#Martial Law? Are You Nuts?

 Does Trump Really Think he is The Chosen One

Has anyone double checked whether #POTUS even knows the meaning of Martial Law? He might think it means he can pin a 5 pointed piece of metal on his tie and walk around town like Wyatt Earp or Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke) watching people run in fear. Melania could be Miss Kitty. You could pick Pence or almost any member of Trump's team for Chester. The problem is DJT lacks the fortitude - intestinal or anywhere else - to face a real shootout. I forgot - the bone spurs.

It does raise some questions. Under what circumstances would or could the top Generals take over - effectively a Coup? It first came up when The Donald started hinting that he won't leave the White House peacefully. Who would walk him out?

As Commander in Chief, all military personnel are supposed to be reporting to him are they not? But after losing an election which has been confirmed surely that would no longer apply. Could Biden order someone to walk him out even before taking his Oath of Office? What role would Congress and the Judiciary play in this scenario?

The man will have an interesting legacy - a Looney Tunes one. It actually applies. His staff and journalists were always having to ask "What's up Doc?" Now the man himself is crying "You nasty wabbit!"

How many movies will there be about these four years - as many as there are books?

Maybe a Disney reference is better. At the end of every Mickey Mouse Club episode they sang a line that fits perfectly:

Now it's time to say goodbye
To all our company
"D"-"O"-"N"-"A"-"L"-"D"T"-"R"-"U"-"M"-"P" !!!


Monday, 7 December 2020

Fake News Gold Medal

 That Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Kid    

Remember that great line (see title) from Pinball Wizard (Pete Townshend & The Who)? In today's world the Kid is Trump since he still acts like one, and the pinball machine is his fake news machine.

There is no doubt that those red cappers who follow grand wizard Trump like the flying monkeys followed the Wicked Witch of the North, will say "We don't care". I hear you - will NEVER understand you, but we have all heard you. I will continue just the same.

The gold medal of fake news for the last four plus years belongs to one person only - Donald J. Trump, and one party - the GOP.

Perhaps a few more examples will convince even one thinking follower of their folly.

FACT: The earth is spherical, not flat.
FAKE: DJT had the largest crowd in inaugural history.

FACT: You can't shoot down the sun with a bow and arrow. Some tried. Wearing a red cap?
FAKE: There were millions of fake ballots in this election.

FACT: Throw an object into the air and it will come back down.
FAKE: The election was rigged and Trump won.

FACT: People think they see UFOs all the time. They never have proof that it was a UFO.
FAKE: People saw truckloads of phony ballads. Where are they Rudy?

FACT: A virus is killing tens of thousands of Americans and other world citizens.
FAKE: Donald saying it will just go away and is well under control.

FACT: Millions of Americans pay their fare share of income tax every year.
FAKE: So does The Donald

FACT: Racism is still a big problem in the USA and elsewhere.
FAKE: Trump is not a racist. Why did he order a loyal project manager to remove a black labourer from his hotel lobby after spotting him? The woman had no incentive to lie.

FACT: The earth travels around the sun and the moon around the earth, not the opposite.
FAKE: Donald has great respect for women. See Access Hollywood, Billy Bush.

FACT: The current economic climb started in 2009 under Obama
FAKE: It was all Donald Trump

FACT: Your parents and grandparents likely have your best interests at heart, not theirs.
FAKE: So does Donald J. Trump.

FACT: Donald J. Trump says he had his re-election stolen from him.
FAKE: He actually believes this.

FACT: If the government passed conscription, thousands of Americans would lay down their lives for the country, even Trump's base
FAKE; If the same government orders them to wear a mask to fight a different enemy also for the country, it is an infringement on their rights! Go figure.

FACT: I could carry on with many more pages.
FAKE: Red Cappers will never give a damn.

I hope the fictitious gentleman adorned in red velvet and propelled on a sled by four legged, hoofed, ruminant mammals (family Cervidae) through the sky is good to all those people who also wear red caps. Don't be astonished if you get coal, hopefully produced in a Trump preserved coal mine.



Thursday, 3 December 2020

Under the Influence of The Donald

 Has He even Influenced ME? What do you think?

I have been writing this for about three years now. Fav topic without a doubt? Donald J. Trump. Sum poeple seh I hav bin influenzed bi him. wat do yu thinc?

I mean u hav to konsidr that I rite the best Blogg ther haz evr been - evr! Even bigger and betr than Obamaz. Bigger then Obama. Much biger. MUCH BIGR. All the polz sai much biggr.

But then I am the best writr. I am bettr than Willy Wiggleshaft. Better than old Bill. everybodi sez that. Much bigr. Much. It is becuz I have such a high QI. I got the best QI in my class. Highr than all prezidents ever. Much highr.

I do this  alll miself becuz I no more then enibuudy. Much mor. I mite evan be smartr than Inestine. Yup. Smartr than ole Allen. My hare iz even bettr than his. Just look at hiz mop. Without him we wood stil hav the Adam Bom cuz I wood hav envented it. But mine wood hav beeeen biggr. Much biggr. Yes bigr. My bom bigger. Alot.

Just googl the biggist blog. U mite see othrs ahead of mine butt thatz all fake nooz. Very faik. Much fakness. A lot. Trust me. If my bloggg iz not at hte top of that lyst then it is frodyoulant.  MILEONS OF FROD votrs on the list. Evn hundredz. 

Bee sides Im emuoon to anee influenz by any1. Why shood I B? I no mor. Trust me.

Dat gi iz ful of hymself. He caant evn spell. 

Wel soon he is gon. Hoap sumwon loks him up. Yup. Lok m up. Ware hav I hurd that be4?


Friday, 27 November 2020

Major Networks like CNN helped POTUS get almost 73 million votes

 CNN and others including me play into Trumps hands

I have said consistently that major news networks like CNN were helping Trump. I was referring to the 24 hour non-stop Trump bashing. It repeats itself through each show until new material comes along and then a new cycle continues.

In the popular vote DJT received almost 74 million compared to 80 million for Biden. That is amazing. Like many others I thought he would have been embarrassed by his low numbers. Wrong!

Why did so many vote for him? I used to say that some was pushback from many who were just sick and tired of CNN and others not allowing American citizens to recognize for themselves from where the fake news was emanating. It was from Donald himself and those around him. The network gave credit to no-one for having a functioning brain instead of limiting the group to his blind and enraged base.

In his book RAGE (Simon & Schuster) Bob Woodward describes the close understanding that Jared Kushner of all people verbalizes about his father in law. The Trump team relies on the craziness and lack of Truth. Put another way, as I see it the media are like a pack of wild, hungry dogs with Trump on a platform just out of reach throwing them just enough chunks of red meat to keep them in a frenzy. They even attack each other. I never believed the man was clever enough for me to give him this kind of credit. Now I am not so sure. It matters not. It works.

We have heard Chris Cuomo, Don Lemmon, and others stating that they know Trump relies on distractions, and that the media should ignore them. Then they go ahead and promote the stuff for days just the same. Trump must love this.

In these cases as Kushner explains, truth is irrelevant. As an example, he points to Trump stating that the economy under him has been stronger than anytime in American history. Even Kushner acknowledges the inaccuracy. The point is that if his base believes it, the more the media dispute it the more it will be on voters' minds. Trump = good economy! Period.

Another example is stating that in a confrontation with a red-necked group "there are good people on both sides" the media gives all kinds of free visibility to those groups whether they are all evil or not. Ditto with the fraudulent election. He started that weeks ago and the media played along and still is.

Another key factor in the truth does not matter theory is that many people, if they hear something long enough, will start to believe it. Truth and good news do not sell for long. Bad news does.

CNN should have borrowed from others as in the list of 20,000 plus lies or the growing evidence of (non existent) voter fraud. They should have kept a list of all the recent distractions that Trump was attempting and stood their ground. Mention them to show the list is growing but DON'T talk about them. Others would have but so what? This would have infuriated Trump and he is weak when he is mad - make that angry. He is always mad.

Eventually their list would have become front page news elsewhere - a major thorn in Trump's side. They would have been using his own tactics against him.

Now it is too late. Instead of being crushed and kicked out of the league, he came in a close second. Biden's team will need one grand slam per week.


Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Trump Kudos Overshadowed by Trump Behaviour

 Trump was Hell or Trump did well?

Received as a birthday gift, I am reading "Rage" by Bob Woodward (Simon & Schuster) - an interesting read so far. One of the most enlightening aspects is the inside look at how this President thinks, acts, and verbalizes in private. Assuming these quotes are accurate the guy actually makes some sense at times! The gift also included "The Room Where It Happened" by John Bolton (Simon & Schuster). I'm sure it will be fascinating as well.

I am one of the never Trump people for what I think are good reasons. Still I must say what the Donald says about his visit to North Korea and what some of his staff say about him and his accomplishments deserve credit (as far as I have read to date). Previous administrations of both stripes have failed for many years on many fronts. He ran on a promise to clean out the swamp and do things differently. On the "differently" he has delivered. The swamp as we are presently being reminded is still full of gators and snakes - some very well established ones.

What I have also said is that Washington politics did indeed need a shakeup and change but that he was the wrong agent. My subject today however is once again the man's behaviour. Perhaps I should make that behavior since he is American and I am Canadian. It is the reason that history will not include Trump in the great Presidents category.

This is akin to a champion athlete being caught taking supplements. They might still be great but people will only remember them as a cheat.

Great leaders in politics, business, religion, sports or any other field know that eventually the public will recognize their greatness naturally and with the help of traditional media - not social media.

Being humble adds to their greatness. Kennedy knew that. So did Reagan and Obama. So does Bill Gates and Elon Musk although the latter might not be humble. Trump will never understand this. He has to gloat and make it about himself taking all the glory if there is any to be had. Humble is not in his vocabulary. Even CNN gives him the occasional nod of recognition but he spoils it every time.

It is incredibly ironic that the man who craves a lasting recognition and legacy for himself is the very person who is also ruining it. Make that ruined - too late now.

I have had managers who were good leaders in my view even though I didn't like them. That is because moving emotions to the side I respected them. Respect has to be earned. Trump tries to demand it.

I could never like the man. Too bad I can never respect him either,
 especially with this election and its aftermath. His bad not mine.


Monday, 16 November 2020

Trump: A modern day Jim Jones?

 Is Trump the new Pandemic?

I have compared Donald J. Trump to other figures in history such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Joe McCarthy to name a few. The common element was an attempt to understand how normal thinking and free Americans could be so persuaded by one man's fabrications. Trump has exceeded all of the others' lies in sheer volume.

It seems to me that there has been another pandemic at work these past few years and that is Donald himself. Belief in his lies has been spreading like a virus to millions of Americans - look at the popular vote. That number however includes many people who will always vote for the GOP and will never vote for the Democratic Party, regardless of Trump. That is actually good news. Hopefully they are not blinded like the others.

When you hear those yelling, screaming red cappers however, convinced against all odds, truth, events, and logic that if DJT says it then it must be true, another analogy comes to mind.

In 1978 the self-proclaimed leader and preacher of a cult convinced over 900 believers to follow him to the Promised Land after committing mass suicide by drinking a cyanide laced drink. Some who did not were shot. It happened in Guyana in a commune known as Jonestown.

When I hear Trump red cappers yelling "fake news" and "stolen election" - because Donald said so - I have to wonder if they would drink the poison "Kool Aid" as it became known (it did not actually involve that well known brand) if DJT told them to do so.

Jim Jones died with his followers. Donald would never have the courage.

Follow him if you must but take your own refreshment to the rallies and dare I say it - please wear a mask for your relatives and loved ones. Finally, if you receive any invitations to move to Trumpsville, Trumpland, or the like especially overseas, stay put.