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Saturday 1 July 2023

My Conch Shell Moments

Put Down the Phone and Listen. Top Ten life lessons.

I am definitely north of the equator of life - very much a senior. That's all you need to know. If you are reading this then I possess the Conch Shell however briefly. Metaphorically that means I speak, you listen. Google Lord of the Flies if you are still puzzled - after you read this.

There are many pieces of advice I would love to pass on to a younger generation with the faint hope that some might actually listen. I could write a book but hundreds have 
already done that. As well, here, you won't see any silly costumes, dance steps, or adults only content.

Perhaps this is best directed to younger generations who are actually parents - yet another generation after me.

1. Although getting good marks in school is important, it pales to the value of making friends - REAL ones, not the social media type. By doing that they will learn soft skills about people - how to deal with all the good and bad people they will encounter in life's journey. THAT is what will make them successful.

2. Find something you are good at and enjoy doing. Become good at it and make THAT your life goal. The rest will follow. 
Forget what others tell you to pursue. OK some common sense is required here. You do have to pay the bills and not rely on society to bail you out.

3. Unless what you identify in 2. requires a special degree like a doctor, lawyer, architect etc., enter a trade. Most of the people whom I know - that are still with us - and who have all the money they need for retirement were NOT university degree people. The biggest advantage was being their own boss - no corporate politics and other bullshit to cause stress, misery, and likely your demise.

4. The true measure of success in life is not how much money you make. That is a symptom of success for many people. Real success is loving the job you perform every day and not waiting impatiently for Friday and then regretting that Monday is only 2 days away!

5. In keeping with all of this, FORGET what other people are doing. Do not measure yourself against them. That is like being a golfer and measuring yourself against the best professionals. "If THEY can do it so can I" simply does not apply.

6. TALK to your kids. Make it mandatory for some quality family time with no phones allowed. That sacrifice applies to parents as well - the latest sporting event or fav. TV show can not be a priority. The kids might be resentful but once they realize they are not getting their phones back then they might as well participate. One incentive would be to share with them some of your own adult and family decisions you have to make. Let them feel that their input matters.

7. Teach your kids about money management and if you don't have a dollar to spare, learn it together. If a kid starts setting aside some of everything they earn and investing it conservatively, it will grow to a huge sum There is no catching up later, you have to start NOW. Above all pay off your credit debt, and keep it at zero. If you can't pay for an item by the end of the month, don't buy it. Second or third generation items are sufficient if they still work. Not only will they thank you for this after you are gone, they can pass it on to their own kids.

8. Banks, car companies, and social media are NOT your friends. Treat them accordingly.

9. Pay somebody a sincere compliment every day. Do it every time you have a conversation - live or text. Your true friendships will grow.

10. A personal fav. Get off you lazy, apathetic asses and VOTE in every election. Your ancestors died so you could. Don't know enough about the issues? Whose fault is that? Watch and read something meaningful for a change - not an excuse. If you don't vote you are part of the problem.

How do I know any of this? I did not follow most of the above myself. My life and what little remains of it reflects this.

I hope you saw some value here but if you are not yet convinced, Google something similar - senior advice etc. There are tons of others saying similar things. Think about that. People have lived their lives and are going to die soon. If they make the effort to pass on advice to you, why would you ignore it?

Which piece of advice will you invoke today?