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Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Guns in Canada

Shootings need to be Stopped

Here in Canada we generally do not have the same gun problem they do south of the border. Down there many will still say they do not have a problem.

I live outside Toronto and it seems that every week there are more incidents - usually gang related. It is time to act.

This is where we really DO share a problem with the USA. Politicians talk a good story but still do nothing. The laws to acquire, own, and transport a gun are very strict - laws to carry even more so. So why are there so many brazen shootings? Last week kids at a birthday were hit by bullets - one in the head.

For the most part young people are involved. It is time to act. A retired police officer with whom I coffee every day gets enraged at the situation, especially Toronto's spin talk mayor and our PM.

Police used to be able to stop anyone at will and check for guns. Now they can't for fear of insulting minorities. Well guess what. The majority of videos we see involving young people - usually many on one - shooting at each other are from minorities. Yes - those are non-white minorities.

The biggest problem is gangbangers. There are also lots of good old fashioned robberies.

I can understand someone who has never carried a gun and never will who also happens to belong to a minority being very upset if they are stopped only because of dress or skin colour. Now I have to say - too bad.

Police should be authorized to stop AND search any vehicle, any time. They can stop you in Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere programs (RIDE) and we tolerate it. In these stops - often at night - they can't see who is driving the vehicle. With dark glass in most vehicles, they also can't see the driver in advance in daylight either. They should have a similar program to find guns. There could be a contest to come up with the best acronym.

As far as pedestrians go, the same should be permitted. I suggest more dog patrols with canines that can sniff out ammunition. They could patrol crowded streets everywhere and also help with the car stops. Then if the dog is alerted to a person, blame the dog! They will seldom be wrong and are unbiased. If a gun is found the stop will be justified.

The USA is falling apart. Guns played a big role. Let's save Canada while we still can. 

One thing Toronto's mayor said recently is bang on. No private citizen has a legitimate reason to be carrying around a gun. If it is a kid who is a minor, go after the parent. If a court can't legally charge the kid, at least prescribe a suitable punishment like being confined to home after school and make the parent enforce it. If this does not work, it is time for youth non-criminal boot camps. Make them pick up garbage or shovel snow under guard. Let all their colleagues see them knowing the same will happen to them.

For adults it is more simple: jail time. It might not cure them but it will protect us. To those who say punishment does not work? What a load of crap. It is lack of punishment that got us here.


Monday, 24 February 2020

Native Land Rights

An Oily Mess Before the First Gallon Flows

Here in Canada for many months there has been a standoff over the flow of oil through pipelines across western provinces. It is not the first and won't be the last. Companies and governments are trying to construct huge pipelines to allow for the pumping of millions of barrels of oil and oil products from source to ports, refineries, and consumers, domestic and foreign.

Huge fortunes are at stake on one side and fear of environmental disasters on the other. To be sure in the past many rivers, lakes, and lands have been rendered toxic by "progress". At the heart of this particular standoff are Natives / First Peoples / Aboriginals; Indigenous peoples of Canada - in other words, those who were here first.

Just where do you draw the line? Indeed Natives were here long before the New World was discovered. Certainly new arrivals plundered, stole and spoiled many of nature's gifts for themselves. But world populations will always expand and spread out of need, sometimes by force.

How long can a grudge be carried? Should North Americans hand back the continent to the British and French? Should they in turn return it to the Natives? Should those who came later be blamed for the sins of their forefathers?

In this case cross country rail lines have been blocked affecting hundreds of people who are just trying to travel. Thousands of products on which livelihoods depend are also stranded. The railroads have been there for decades and are a vital part of any modern country.

Natives claim the land involved is theirs. That is possibly a valid claim if land was granted to groups under government treaties. Others will say it never belonged to those governments in the first place. If I have great, great, great, grandparents who just happened to be born here was the land they lived on theirs just because they existed before anyone else in the area?

I am glad that I am not a leader on either side. There is no easy solution. At some point I believe the majority has to rule. Millions of people are not going to revert back to being hunters and gatherers. If some groups choose this so be it. But pre-existence should not be allowed to stand in the way of others who have also developed their own lifestyles.

Surely mutual respect is a key element. We need more of it on both sides.


Thursday, 12 September 2019

New Canadian Election Campaign Slogans

My new Canadian campaign Slogans:

Justin Trudeau: (Current Slogan: "Choose Forward")

1. Our Home is Natives' Land.
2. My Plans are as Rosy as My Dad's Lapel.
3. I Will Socks it Out of the Park!

Andrew Sheer: (Current Slogan: "It's Time for You to get Ahead")

1. Get Sheerious - Vote Andrew!
2. Read My Dimples: "No New Taxes!"
3. It's Time For Me to Get a Head!

Jagmeet Singh: (Current Slogan: "In it for You")

1. Don't Judge a Head by its Cover!
2. 100 Percent Orange Juice
3. Spin it for You

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Time for an Establishment Shakeup Canadian Style

Sorry, but it's overdue

This is not world news or even worthy of same but hopefully most Canadians will relate. Realistically that is not likely. Canadians watch hockey and American TV most of the time.

It was commonly said about the 2016 American Presidential election that the people voted for a shakeup - someone outside the good old boy/girl establishment -  out with the status quo. Personally I believe this was and still is true. As I have said before, change was needed but they elected the wrong agent of change.

It is time for a similar shakeup in this country - without the Donald factor.

Just listening to the political ramblings and "outrage" at the federal level recently is so pathetic. Observing any of the broadcast sessions of parliament regarding SNC Lavalin; Canadian oil struggles; and naturally the budget are but a few examples. It all sounds so petty and niggling for more than - about 60 seconds. That's all I can take.

It reminds me of a B-grade, minor league bullfight I once saw in Barcelona in 1969. It looked like a high school skit - a bad one at that. It was full of "close calls". The similarities also include the bull. Most of our elected officials sound pathetic. I constantly think: "Really? My taxes actually pay for you - and your fat pension and benefits?"

I was not a big fan but you had to admire the gonads of Pierre Elliot - not so his son. Many Ontarians hated Premier Mike Harris but like PET he did what he said and took no crap from anyone.

The status quo in question is still spin talk; namby pamby; studies and papers instead of decisions; stalling; bluster; and let's not forget false promises and lies. The only new thing Justin has brought to the table are his socks. Now of course, the deficit continues to grow and balancing the budget is years - many more years - in the future.

We need a Kennedy, a Reagan, or a Thatcher. Sadly I see none on the horizon. Actually I stand corrected. There is now one on the most distant of horizons - the young Prime Minister of New Zealand - Jacinda Ardern.

I wonder if she likes ice hockey? There again maybe just a part time job would do the trick. She could probably clean up our sorry mess in a couple of weeks - from home - with her left hand.

The Brewster

Saturday, 15 December 2018

The Trudeau Twostep

This Oil Position is a Tad Slippery

We have all seen our PM dance before and to be fair, not just the current holder of that fine office. However Justin's current position on oil projects outshines Michael Jackson's best Moonwalk.

Any new pipeline regardless of direction is going to provide a lot of jobs and a lot of income and tax revenue for a lot of people. That goes for any line going east or west. There are two prominent provinces basically saying "Not in my backyard!" to pipelines, British Columbia and Quebec. Saskatchewan and Alberta will benefit from either and New Brunswick was anticipating a great boost to their economy. Naturally there are many who also oppose either, especially indigenous people.

The decision to give federal support for oil to be moved west rather than east and then shipped elsewhere is tough to take. Mr. Trudeau has stated flatly that there is no appetite for an eastern line. The premier of Quebec has stated so very publicly.

On the other hand the premier of BC has also emphatically stated the same thing. So why are the Feds pushing ahead so vigorously to get oil to the west coast?

Did somebody flip a coin? Is fear of stoking more separatist feelings in Quebec a factor if something is imposed on that province? Can the same thing happen in BC? We have heard talk of them separating before.

What should be provided is a clear business argument supporting any decision. It should all be based on net long term economic benefit. We don't always share the same emotions and passions about oil versus alternatives; native rights; ethics or whatever but clear financial statements - dollars and cents - most people understand.

Where is this justification? We need a balance sheet, not another Tango.

The Brewster

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Shame on You Air Canada and Transport Canada

Near Miss Should NOT have Happened

I see the Air Canada near miss of July 7, 2017 is back in the news. So it should be. This was the incident at San Francisco International Airport in which an Air Canada plane was within meters of crashing on top of other aircraft awaiting take off. Apparently both pilot and first officer were fatigued having worked longer than most international standards allow - except Canada's. They were lining up with the wrong strip. Imagine!

I don't even want to think about the horrific carnage that would have resulted. We are still waiting for changes to Canadian regulations to attempt to prevent such conditions from occurring. My understanding is that it is Transport Canada's job to fix this. Why has it not done so?

This is classic bureaucracy and stalling at its worst. It is similar to a local government neglecting to install a stop sign or traffic light after multiple close calls until the death or injury numbers climb sufficiently high. It is worse than the occasional time we hear of someone travelling by car in the wrong direction on a major freeway.

In this case the deaths - agonizing ones - would have been in the hundreds or thousands. This is one time where I see no reason for any delay. Rumour has it that proposed changes are already weaker than those of other less "developed" countries. What excuse is there? Arrogance is getting in the way of common sense. Swallow any pride and copy another set of regulations if necessary but change things NOW. Tweak them to make them uniquely Canadian later. We pay you - earn your salary for a change.

The pilots themselves want changes. DO IT. I am normally proud to be a Canadian - not in this case.

The Brewster

Friday, 6 April 2018

Trudeau to visit Western Canada. Fashion Gurus Abuzz with Speculation

Turban or Stetson?

Apparently Justin Trudeau is to visit Western Canada to discuss the approved oil pipeline. The question of the day is just what ceremonial garb will adorn his person. Here the top 10 items circulating in the fashion world: 
  1. Bright yellow oilskins complete with matching Sou'wester. Please don't let him show up with a couple of oars as well.
  2. Brand new coveralls with some fresh black oil smears, a Stetson, and his Italian loafers with polka dot socks.
  3. Jeans and a denim shirt also suitably greased with a brand new hard hat and shiny western boots.
  4. A Service Station uniform with peaked cap and an oil rag hanging from his back pocket. We all know they don't exist anymore but does he or his fashion advisor?
  5. His best business suit but wearing Kodiak approved safety boots.
  6. Some form of indigenous outfit with head dress and moccasins or sealskin and mukluks. Both would be equally inappropriate.
  7. Any of the above but dressed as a woman thus doing his bit to further the just cause of equal opportunity and diversity.
  8. The same boxing gear he wore in a widely published bout he had in the ring with a fellow Member of Parliament some years ago. This would show those rowdy western premiers who is the boss.
  9. A Prairie Dog costume covered in oil sludge.
  10. The same Indian marital outfit we recently saw thus showing he is trying to save the taxpayer a few bucks as he rides up on a rented quarter horse. We all know that hardened oil industry men and women ride their horses to work in the fields.
Your guess is as good as mine.

The Brewster

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Canadian Mosaic - Fact or Fake News?

Multiculturalism  - Really?

For all of my life, Canada has had a respectable and often envied global reputation. So it should. As for the future the jury might still be out.

Like most countries, especially those in the west or what were once the "new" world, Canada's prominence and its industrialization were a result primarily of immigration. Overall that has been a good thing although it has to be recognized that many native or indigenous peoples might disagree - with just cause. From those immigrants and their religious and cultural beliefs also came population growth. This growth however has slowed.

 Perhaps in part because of this more than many countries it has quite a generous open door policy. Hence Canada has become known for its multiculturalism. Once again overall this is viewed as a good thing by many but not by all. Many of the early European immigrants to this country have a different view, despite their own migration to this land. They somehow view it now as their own.

My generation and those before it have felt this way. It is not clear just what constitutes a resident being a true Canadian but apparently birth, citizenship, and heritage are not enough. Such notions were probably unknown to indigenous peoples before foreigners set foot on these shores.

For decades politicians have pushed the multicultural button and climbed on the bandwagon. Canada is a patchwork quilt of people who all live, work, pray, and socialize in a unique Canadian made utopia. We all get along as one big happy family. 

Now THAT is fake news Canadian style. At least it is misleading.

It is true that there are many, many people from many, many backgrounds. The skylines reflect an entire host of different places of worship. Restaurants of many cuisines abound. Schools are full of kids reflecting all of these differences and for the most part, they are much more accepting of each other than those previous generations I mentioned. 

In reality there are a few imperfections in this image and they have been there for years. It is unlikely that they will go away.

In most large cities anywhere in countries that permit immigration you find ethnic communities within cities. There is usually a Chinatown; a Little Italy; a Polish section; a Russian quarter; a little Munich; a little India; etc. Within each there are restaurants, places of worship; languages, dress codes, and cultures to name a few characteristics, native to the local inhabitants. It makes a city vibrant and interesting.

So why do we hear terms like "racist" applied to older generations who might prefer to live in their own communities as well? It sounds like reverse discrimination. Aren't "new" Canadians who seek out their own to form these little communities in cities doing the same thing? Are they racists? I suspect no more than I am.

Politicians who tout the line about us setting a great example, whether on a local town council or in a federal party, do much the same. At night they go home - usually in an affluent area of town - to a home with neighbours who look and act the same as they do. For sure in corporations and office buildings we all work together and side by side. Check out the cafeteria - same pockets of people.

This is normal. It is comfortable. People usually don't want to lose or surrender their upbringing. It is nice to think that perhaps here we are all more tolerant than in other countries, but people will always be most comfortable with what is familiar.

This is normal. It is instinctive. Check out the other species on the planet. It is here to stay.

The Brewster