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Friday, 12 March 2021

Joe Biden performs Beethoven's 9th

 Biden was like a Lilac in full bloom

What a fresh change. I only caught a bit of the address to the nation the other night but what a difference! It was like roses, lilacs, and lavender all at once on a summer morning. It was like a sunrise instead of a sunset. It was like Beethoven's Choral Symphony compared to the worst of punk rock.

The man actually appealed to the electorate for help - you know - the ones who voted for him and even those who did not! He stated the obvious - he needed their help and cooperation and asked for it.

Can you imagine that other guy EVER asking ANYBODY for help? (Well OK he did ask his base to attack the Capital Building but that's another story). That guy single handedly claimed the glory for anything his administration ever did. He knew better than his own Generals, his own scientists, his own Vice President, his own Economists and dozens more. Apparently he did not know more than the guy he paid to write his college entry exams but OOPS there I go again. That's another story.

Imagine that - a President once again acting Presidential! I guess there is a parallel simile. Trump was like a ripe raspberry - yep - THAT kind!


Sunday, 14 February 2021

Biden's First Failure

 You Promised Joe. You Said "I'm Not Kidding!"

The entire world heard Joe Biden promise that he would fire "on the spot" anyone on his team who shows disrespect for others. He added that he was "not kidding." I am a Biden supporter. I have no time for Trump, not one second. That now goes for the Republicans, and I am traditionally a small "c" conservative.

Most observers including me have seen that the new administration's relationship with the press is a vast improvement over The Donald's. Jen Psaki has been a breath of fresh air. The deputy TJ Ducklo is now in hot water over his treatment of a member of the press. It is alleged that he threatened to "destroy" them. Psaki says he was suspended without pay as a result. Ducklo himself has apologized and fessed up - something Trump's team seldom did.

Not good enough!

If the allegations are true then Ducklo should have been fired and Biden should have given the order. If Psaki failed to inform him then she should at least be reprimanded. If Biden knew but failed to act he is playing with fire. One incident of not living up to his public promises is all the GOP needs.

If Tucklo resigned because Biden ordered it then that should be stated. This early in the Biden administration with all that just happened in the impeachment it is critical that Joe backs up his words. Trump would have been all over the media claiming credit for the firing whether true or not and so should Biden.

Strike one Joe and it is only the top of the first inning. Don't throw the game already! Trump must be smiling. We HATE that smile. Worse when Joe causes it!