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Friday, 28 October 2022

American Politics Compared to Lemmings

Are Too Many American Voters Becoming Lemmings?

Many people have heard about a small rodent known as a Lemming which is believed to hurl itself from cliffs in huge numbers. The jury is out on whether this is really true as you will see in the following references:

If they do it is more in the form of a stampede - often looking for food. They can swim but are not great judges of aquatic distances. Many drown. With huge numbers behind them they could be pushed off the cliff or simply have no way back. In one of the above references there were accusations that in a Disney documentary the producers were actually pushing some of them off a precipice for the desired effect.

What is happening in America today is very similar. Many people who just can't seem to see the light about election lies are following the masses and not thinking for themselves. People like Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are doing the pushing. They have no plans to go over the edge themselves.

Today is the day we all heard about an attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband in their home. It was an intruder looking for Nancy who was not there. It is reported that her husband will recover fully. If police had not arrived promptly, what would have happened? If the attackers had gotten their hands on Mike Pence on January 6th with a gallows outside, what would have happened?

If the violence being seen and often encouraged in America today continues, every election will become a cliff. Humans are supposed to be intelligent enough not to jump. Apparently many are not.

Look what happened to Osama bin Laden. His pursuit spanned Presidential terms of both Republicans and Democrats and eventually it succeeded - because of cooperation for a greater good.

Surely the most renowned model of a democracy in the world is worth saving. The Liberty Bell now has many, many cracks but all of them can be repaired without melting down the bell itself. Violence is often a quick route to short term gains but in the end everybody pays.

The way things are going one day soon you will see in the media - if the extremists have not destroyed all forms but their own (sound familiar?) - the rest of the world will rightly decline to acknowledge election results in America and rightly so. The fix is in and just like the last time, it ain't colored blue.


Saturday, 17 September 2022

The Trump, DOJ, Special Master Shell Game

Deep State or Dire Straits?

If your lawyer or doctor took your most personal files home and then had a dinner party leaving them open in the party room or bathroom for any guest to read at their leisure, would you be irate? Would you sue? Naturally you would, and you would likely win. So how is it that Trump can get away with taking the most sensitive documents in the White House home in a similar manner? If you subsequently discovered that many of your papers were missing would you be fit to be tied? Should the lawyer be disbarred? Again the answer is yes. Ditto Trump.

January 6th showed one of the worst cracks in the Liberty Bell I have witnessed but this Mar-A-Lago debacle Trumps even that. One of the elements that Trump claimed he would fix was the "Deep State" of things in Washington. He failed - we all know that. He lost - we all know that. But one of the things that this entire mess with its completely biased judge and its "Special Master" show is just how dysfunctional the U.S. government can be. It really does need a shake-up but not violent and total destruction.

It is ironic that DJT and the boys by their gross conduct have dramatically demonstrated what he claimed he would fix! There have been many more examples. Think "lock her up!"

This case should be a slam dunk along with the 2 impeachments. Trump should never get into the White House again. Many prominent Republicans publicly sided with The Donald and swore the election was rigged. It WAS - by the GOP and Trump. Thankfully they failed. Now they are all standing on their heads to get re-elected. From "It was rigged and Trump is still President" to "Joe Biden is the legitimate President. There was no fix." Go figure. They too should never hold office again. They ARE the biggest problem with the system. They are the Deep State because they are in Dire Straits. Yes - people like this exist on both sides of the aisle.

We always need leaders who have the interests of the majority of the population at heart and who can get things done. In a democracy, they are politicians by definition. I often think that is a dirty word but it isn't. It is politics itself that has earned the dirty title and it has reached an all time high in America.

Trump's judge appointments have been working in a biased manner in his favour. They should not. There is something wrong with the system when this guy was caught red handed with his hand in the nation's security cookie jar in a personal space far away from where it belongs. Either you or I would be locked up. He should be also. He has no justification. Period.

Electing Donald J. Trump back into the White House would be like appointing Vito Corleone to replace The Pope.

If you are scoffing at this let me finish with one fact you can check for yourselves. Donald J. Trump is not invited to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. She was not amused with him and probably knew he would try to steal the show by pushing King Charles III out of his way.


Tuesday, 2 November 2021

American Election 2022, 2024

America: Sink or Swim Time

Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the fracas to see things more clearly. Alternatively you can hear from a third party who is not directly involved. That is one of the reasons I write a lot about America in this blog. I am not American.

As an outsider, here are the real issues I see and hear, cutting through all the politics, rhetoric, naivety, and outright lies.

The Republicans have shot themselves in the foot. Those who follow Trump  want a future based upon lies. It is obvious to the rest of the world including me. Behind it all is race and white supremacy. This is going to lead to more violence or total civil war. I see only two possible solutions. Throw Trump in the dumpster where he belongs - ALL of you. Create a third party for all of those conservatives who want to follow their beliefs as traditional conservatives without the racial divide - if you still exist. Be sure to include tough action on the environment AND the social divide - like the Democrats. Just make yours work.

The Democrats have to get real. Too many so called Progressives are indeed playing into the hands of the right who accuse all Democrats of being Socialists. You are handing 2022 and 2024 to the worst possible victors. Recognize the difference between short term assistance and a long term free ride. Biden does not lie like Trump but he did rely too much on his decades of "experience" to calm the Democratic waters. So far he has failed. For the most part most nice guys still finish last.

Here is the difference. Trump speaks lies and falsehoods about his insincere goals. Trump has nothing to lose - he already did. Biden falsely believes that his Uncle Joe attitude will accomplish his sincere goals. He has everything to lose and probably will if the party does not get its act together.

Foreign countries like China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran and evil groups throughout the world are taking full advantage of American internal squabbling. She is self destructing without a shot being fired. Trump ruined America's reputation. If he wins again - because it will be RIGGED (where have we heard THAT before) America will be laughing stock.

The way this is going there is almost a 
likelihood that there will be TWO new parties. One will be the anti-Trump Republicans and the other the almost socialist former Democrat Progressives. The latter will never win. The former has a chance.


Friday, 29 October 2021

Long Live Adam Kinzinger

 Hurray! Another Republican with some Balls!

Sadly Adam Kinzinger has had enough of his gutless colleagues most of whom have proven over the last several years that they have zero integrity. The former GOP is now the Trump puppet show. They are all willing to let The Donald pull their strings even knowing that he would cut them loose at any time while watching them crash to the ground.

Adam, Liz Cheney, and Mitt Romney still have some principles. Most of the others who now make up the party do not know the meaning of the word. They now live under the same rock as Tucker Carlson. The best thing America can do is find a bigger rock.

People get upset when there is any similarity implied between what is happening in America with the GOP headed by Trump, and the former Nazi Party headed by you know who. Way back then it all began the same way.

How long will it be before GOP members start wearing brown or black outfits, arm bands (perhaps the red cap is a substitute), and greet each other with their own unique salute.

Open your eyes America! It is all going down (way down) right in front of you.

Some day the Statue of Liberty will be a relic of a past democracy like the Greek Parthenon or the Italian Colosseum. The only difference? Current generations can still prevent it.


Saturday, 16 October 2021

Which Team are Manchin and Sinema on?

#Manchin / Sinema Stop Sabotaging your Party

As POTUS Trump always took the spotlight and credit from his team, including those he appointed. He is still making the same attempt. In his mind Donald Trump is the only person on the planet who deserves credit for anything. It fractured the GOP as we knew it but helped The Donald thanks to his base.

That is history. But now Manchin and Sinema are the ones grandstanding every chance they get. It is also fracturing their party and killing Biden. If either really wants to be the big Kahuna, they should run for the party leadership or The Presidency. Which team are they on? What are their real motives?

Many think that Manchin has a conflict of interest being involved directly in the coal industry. He denies it. Is his target actually anything that aims to reduce dependency on fossil fuels? As for Sinema nobody seems to know where she is going or why. Does she?

They should both give their own heads a shake. Their team is 10 yards from the end zone for a game winning TD and they are both running the wrong way! Naturally the opposition isn't going to tackle them so one of their own has to. They both know they won't be kicked out of the party at this point since every vote is needed. Enough is enough. Are they secretly trying to keep the Dems from a big majority in 2022 and 2024? If Democrats were to win a comfortable majority their two votes could no longer be as critical. Then both of them could become toast for their recent behaviour. Are they closet Republicans? We have seen stranger things in politics.

At this point they would gain far more acclaim and respect for helping to drive the team over the goal line. If they don't step up history will not be kind to either one. Put up and for the party's sake shut up!


Wednesday, 13 October 2021

American Democracy is at a Crisis

These Trump Challenges must be Defeated

The American system of government has been on the edge ever since Trump was elected. He broke rules and pushed limits whenever he could. Why not? He grabbed women "by the pussy" without asking and got away with it. Why not grab Washington and its established norms by the crotch? He did and so far has gotten away with it again. Trump was not a President. He was and still is an egomaniac. But it worked.

Three things have to be accomplished to at least have a chance of preserving the America that evolved until 2016:

1. The issue of people ignoring a congressional subpoena has to be met head on. None of Trump's minions can be allowed to ignore their duty to show up for questioning. If they are not criminally charged, nobody will show up in the future. This is especially important given the possibility that Trump and Co. could be back in power. They must be charged and found guilty quickly. If prison is the result so be it.

2. The Democratic Party is now looking as fragmented as the GOP. It is time to get its act together. It is great that younger blood is forming part of the Dems. but like it or not, some of them are mere rookies. Changing Washington politics is overdue but blowing up your own party in the process is unacceptable. The Democrats are handing the next election back to you know who. AOC and co. you have to earn your stripes - as yet you have not. Manchin and Sinema nix the grandstanding.

3. Settle the issue over 3.5 trillion and pass something that will benefit millions of Americans. This is needed to win a majority in the mid-term elections and boost the economy prior to 2024. Only then might they also take 2024.

A nice-to-have would also be to charge Trump officially with something they can make stick. Unfortunately even an inmate or ex-inmate can run for and win the Presidency. Nothing in the Constitution prevents it. If he wins the next election it might indeed take a civil war to remove him. Right wingers are just crazy enough to give him the election if he is charges or incarcerated! Welcome to America.

Do you really want to pay this guy a pension on which he will find a way to pay no taxes? Electing Trump for a second term would be like handing the papacy to the devil.