Thursday, 18 June 2020

Will Bolton's Book be the Straw that Broke the Donald's Back?

We Can Only Hope So!

Impeachment did not manage to remove POTUS from the position he clearly should never have filled. Almost four years of negative press and coverage combined with common sense which most Americans normally possess have also failed to get even a handful of Republicans to attempt to straighten him out.

Maybe this will work. Some of the revelations so far surely must convince some Republicans to show an ounce of courage and integrity and urge their voters to kick him out this year. I would like to say some of the content I have heard so far are incredible but that is the wrong adjective. In his case they are all completely credible. That is the problem. Is Finland part of Russia? Does the U.K. have nukes? 

The only problem is the same one I have.- most people will only read a few sentences - like a Tweet - and not an article let alone an entire book. They cash required to buy it is also a problem.

Will his insistence on members of his base signing a Corona waiver to attend his rally make them see the light since from the other side of his face he says the pandemic is disappearing?

There I go again - trying to use logic and reason to explain how he got and remains where he is.

Give your head a shake Brewster. What was I thinking?


Sunday, 7 June 2020

George Floyd Case Raises Another Interesting Question ...

If the other 3 officers are guilty then what about …?

Many people agree that the other 3 officers who basically watched the murder of George Floyd are guilty of something. We now see the charges are aiding and abetting. One argument is that they should have tried to stop Derek Chauvin based on pleas from the victim, from bystanders, and using their own good judgement regarding Floyd's obvious distress.

I am not qualified to judge those charges but it does seem to me that if this were any branch of the military, questioning the actions of a superior officer and trying to get him/her to change that action would get you into big trouble. It appears that Chauvin was indeed the most senior but I don't know if he put them in their place or not. No, this is not the military but the question of what they might have suffered had they tried to stop Chauvin surely was on their minds.

However my point today is on a different but related topic. Let us assume that these three officers are guilty even though it was not any of their knees on the victim. Also, they should have known better. Surely then every member of the Republican Party is similarly guilty of aiding and abetting all the lies and atrocious actions taken by their President and de facto leader. Only one or two have ever spoken out against this man. Can anyone really think that all party members agree with him and his words and actions?

There might not be laws for these cowards not speaking out against the man who should no longer be POTUS but they are just as guilty - even more so since most of them have more years of experience than these three officers.

I disagree with looting and burning under any circumstances but let's have more peaceful protests against the spineless Republicans who value their job more than their integrity.

Come any of their elections the American people should peacefully put them all on the same one way bus out of town as they do their President in November.