Thursday, 12 September 2019

New Canadian Election Campaign Slogans

My new Canadian campaign Slogans:

Justin Trudeau: (Current Slogan: "Choose Forward")

1. Our Home is Natives' Land.
2. My Plans are as Rosy as My Dad's Lapel.
3. I Will Socks it Out of the Park!

Andrew Sheer: (Current Slogan: "It's Time for You to get Ahead")

1. Get Sheerious - Vote Andrew!
2. Read My Dimples: "No New Taxes!"
3. It's Time For Me to Get a Head!

Jagmeet Singh: (Current Slogan: "In it for You")

1. Don't Judge a Head by its Cover!
2. 100 Percent Orange Juice
3. Spin it for You