Thursday, 27 January 2022

Trump as a Dictator

Careful Donald! Don't Ever Forget the Final Outcome.

Some people have compared The Donald to Mein F├╝hrer - Adolf Hitler. They were severely chastised for it considering the atrocities Hitler perpetrated. This was justified and only circulated because of free speech and true journalism. Donald has not gone that far - yet. Almost letting his own Vice President be strung up by a mob certainly showed his darker side. In my opinion the comparison was inappropriate for a different reason. Hitler was actually a remarkably clever man and a brilliant orator. You can draw your own inference.

What I have done before is show the physical resemblance between Trump's oh so practiced mean, mouth downturned scowl, and that of Benito Mussolini. It is almost a direct copy. The Italian's was natural. I think Donald spent many hours in front of a mirror perfecting the look. It would be interesting to know how many of those mirrors survived.

Like it or not his rhetoric, attitude, appointees, and certainly his base have moved way out there on the right where dictators, especially the most ruthless, egocentric, and cruel, reside.

So if Mussolini is one of your secret heroes, Big D, I hope you studied his entire legacy. Pay particular attention to how the Italian population treated him after they felt so betrayed and cheated. The images of his ultimate demise are easy to find.

Take a look and remember both Italy and Germany returned to a democratic system after someone with your personal ambition had their brief moment behind the podium.


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