Tuesday, 18 January 2022


Take a lesson from the Master

You take a lover but your wife suspects
And you need a good alibi.
Take a lesson from POTUS - just stare in her eyes
And feed her a giant BIG LIE.

He's still your first love but where is the spark?
You cheated with some hunky guy.
Take a lesson from POTUS - with a voice that is sweet
Just make up a whopper BIG LIE.

If you cheat on taxes but then you get caught.
Your friends say delay and deny.
Take a lesson from POTUS - make anything up
And send them a monster BIG LIE.

You go to your pastor and with a straight face
Confess to him then start to cry.
Take a lesson from POTUS - but cross yourself first
And hope he won't see your BIG LIE.

This is not how your folks brought you up,
You must tell the truth 'til you die.
Take a lesson from POTUS - they got it all wrong.
To win you must tell the BIG LIE.

When judgement day comes and he faces The Man
It won't be the one in the sky.
He'll face red horns, a fork, and a tail
The guy who invented BIG LIE!


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