Thursday, 1 April 2021

George Floyd Continued...

Could This Have Saved George?

There is one thing that I have not heard in all of these proceedings which might have saved George Floyd's life - perhaps not but as we have heard many times - what if?

Now that we have all seen the videos, after the first officers arrived to investigate the fake $20 bill, they went to George's vehicle. It seemed pretty obvious to all that he was indeed high on something. He even admits to "hooping".

Why then didn't the officers simply arrest him for driving under the influence? Even though he was not in motion, he had been driving the vehicle and was in control of it when they demanded that he exit the vehicle. Surely this was a more serious charge. Passing a $20 whether intentional or not wasn't going to put others in harms way. Driving that Mercedes while apparently high put many people in danger including himself and other passengers. They could have charged him with both.

It seems to me in most places under these conditions that would have been the first priority - some kind of sobriety test to get him off the road. The first officers would not have seen him in the store but we did and he was acting abnormally. Once in custody they could have addressed the fake bill charge.

I know it is hindsight investigation but this should have been the focus of the first two officers. If George had been informed that he had to get out of the vehicle to demonstrate his sobriety he might have been more inclined to do so since he, like most people, probably thought he was OK to drive. Then Chauvin might not have been called.

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Unknown said...

Gee and I thought I was the Detective with thirty-two years experience but you are right on most counts here.But...Unless the US Penal code includes the Charge of "Care and Control" as in the Criminal Code of Canada you would have no case. Unfortunately even though we might try you can't mix one against the other. I will do my research on the Penal Code and get back to you....We having nothing better to do right now....Thank you Mr. Ford

The Brewster said...

Appreciate the feedback. Looking forward to your findings.