Sunday, 20 December 2020

#Martial Law? Are You Nuts?

 Does Trump Really Think he is The Chosen One

Has anyone double checked whether #POTUS even knows the meaning of Martial Law? He might think it means he can pin a 5 pointed piece of metal on his tie and walk around town like Wyatt Earp or Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke) watching people run in fear. Melania could be Miss Kitty. You could pick Pence or almost any member of Trump's team for Chester. The problem is DJT lacks the fortitude - intestinal or anywhere else - to face a real shootout. I forgot - the bone spurs.

It does raise some questions. Under what circumstances would or could the top Generals take over - effectively a Coup? It first came up when The Donald started hinting that he won't leave the White House peacefully. Who would walk him out?

As Commander in Chief, all military personnel are supposed to be reporting to him are they not? But after losing an election which has been confirmed surely that would no longer apply. Could Biden order someone to walk him out even before taking his Oath of Office? What role would Congress and the Judiciary play in this scenario?

The man will have an interesting legacy - a Looney Tunes one. It actually applies. His staff and journalists were always having to ask "What's up Doc?" Now the man himself is crying "You nasty wabbit!"

How many movies will there be about these four years - as many as there are books?

Maybe a Disney reference is better. At the end of every Mickey Mouse Club episode they sang a line that fits perfectly:

Now it's time to say goodbye
To all our company
"D"-"O"-"N"-"A"-"L"-"D"T"-"R"-"U"-"M"-"P" !!!


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