Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Election 2020: One Major Battle won. The War is still on with the Battle of COVID-19

No Generals or Soldiers Needed - Just Common Sense

It is great that there has been a leadership change at the very top in America. It was overdue on many fronts. One of the battles yet to be won however is that against COVID-19. Trump could have won that battle if he chose to but he placed his focus elsewhere. We can all see the results.

The reason he could have won and that Biden could still win is simple. The power lies with the people and not the leaders. A good analogy is the way that ordinary citizens decided many years ago that hey had suffered enough under British rule. They rose up to expel their rulers. They were successful.

That effort cost major suffering and tens of thousands of deaths. Fighting this virus is a piece of cake by comparison. No lives have to be lost because of the battle itself.

Go to YouTube and search for something like "How to avoid COVID 19" or the like. There are dozens of really good videos about this and they are mainly extolling facts we already know. The guidelines of washing hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask work.

To those who claim it is a hoax or exaggerated, do the search. Look at the list. Are all of these independent YouTubers secretly united in pulling off a hoax? Are the citizens of over 150 countries in on it?

Still the Trumpers claim it is all to control them and infringe on their "rights". So was the call to arms at any point in your history including The War of Independence but people enlisted and died as a result - way more than an inconvenience.

Following these guidelines will not kill you. Not doing so will kill thousands of other soldiers in this battle. They are fighting for you. The least you can do is join in the effort.

Forget Trump. He has used you for four years and continues to do so.

He lost the election. There was no fraud other than his own . He lost the battle with the virus. His bone spurs did not protect him from entering the battle zone this time.

Expel this virus the way you did the Brits. No muskets or cannons required. Wear a mask - the simplest uniform 
in history to identify what side you support. No red or blue.


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