Thursday, 12 November 2020

TRUMP: Ventriloquist of the Year

 Ventriloquist or Puppet Master? No Matter!

I keep hearing that The President has this power over the Republican Party and those in it. This appears to be true with very few exceptions. What I don't understand is why? How? I get it that he is in a "de facto" role as party leader but why fear him? Every elected individual surely has some element of intelligence and independence as well as some track record of personal success or how did they get where they are?

Did Reagan or either of the Bush Presidents have the same power over the party? DJT is a failed businessman and ex. TV host. He never went off to war. He is alleged to cheat notoriously at golf and relationships. Supposedly he paid someone to write his college entry exams. He is a bully. The banks are after him. Where is the power?

Just the same it appears that he has many formerly prominent Republicans in his pocket or on his knee. He has become their voice and apparently his hand has replaced their spine. If he removes it and no longer tells them what to say, they will collapse. Many already have.

A second possibility is that they simply sold their soul for a moderate salary and pension.

Another explanation is that they are trying to keep America as a white person's country with anyone else there as a gesture of good will.

So much for love of America and serving all of its citizens.

How could Americans including many true Republicans who really do love their country ever elect any of them to prominent positions again? They all sound like characters from a cheap pocket novel.

The Republican Party has become The Harlequin Party. Wear tights and shave your heads. I'd include the wearing of a mask but we know they won't do that.

Not true? Then step up and stop the bully. He is hurting your country.


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