Thursday, 5 November 2020

Trump Shows his True Colours.

 Trump's Election Reaction

I can't believe what I just heard - Donald Trump reacting from the White House this evening to his fading standing as of November 5th. It was totally pathetic. Consider the source.

The world heard a sore loser. The world heard a liar - again. The world heard the most despicable President - well, in the world. I won't repeat any of it. You either saw it or you did not. What I will say is that each speaker I heard after that at least on CNN including a Republican expressed similar feelings. They all said it is time for true Republicans to say "Enough is enough!" Will they?

The man sounded like a child. I was expecting him to say that he was going to leave home as other angry kids do from time to time. Who would take him in? Perhaps we will even hear the infamous Nixon line when he boards his chopper some time in the future: "You won't have Donald J. Trump to kick around any more!"

I always thought he tried to mimic Nixon in many ways - maybe Hitler also. Perhaps he secretly admired Joe McCarthy and is making up wild claims of his own. Looks like he is setting himself up for a similar 
Joe McCarthy disgrace. Well deserved.

Wouldn't it be a fitting send-off to see him so red with anger that he then turned blue with rage?

You are taking a wrecking ball to your legacy Mr. President. If you lose you might want to think about salvaging some of it in the next two months.


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