Friday, 27 November 2020

Major Networks like CNN helped POTUS get almost 73 million votes

 CNN and others including me play into Trumps hands

I have said consistently that major news networks like CNN were helping Trump. I was referring to the 24 hour non-stop Trump bashing. It repeats itself through each show until new material comes along and then a new cycle continues.

In the popular vote DJT received almost 74 million compared to 80 million for Biden. That is amazing. Like many others I thought he would have been embarrassed by his low numbers. Wrong!

Why did so many vote for him? I used to say that some was pushback from many who were just sick and tired of CNN and others not allowing American citizens to recognize for themselves from where the fake news was emanating. It was from Donald himself and those around him. The network gave credit to no-one for having a functioning brain instead of limiting the group to his blind and enraged base.

In his book RAGE (Simon & Schuster) Bob Woodward describes the close understanding that Jared Kushner of all people verbalizes about his father in law. The Trump team relies on the craziness and lack of Truth. Put another way, as I see it the media are like a pack of wild, hungry dogs with Trump on a platform just out of reach throwing them just enough chunks of red meat to keep them in a frenzy. They even attack each other. I never believed the man was clever enough for me to give him this kind of credit. Now I am not so sure. It matters not. It works.

We have heard Chris Cuomo, Don Lemmon, and others stating that they know Trump relies on distractions, and that the media should ignore them. Then they go ahead and promote the stuff for days just the same. Trump must love this.

In these cases as Kushner explains, truth is irrelevant. As an example, he points to Trump stating that the economy under him has been stronger than anytime in American history. Even Kushner acknowledges the inaccuracy. The point is that if his base believes it, the more the media dispute it the more it will be on voters' minds. Trump = good economy! Period.

Another example is stating that in a confrontation with a red-necked group "there are good people on both sides" the media gives all kinds of free visibility to those groups whether they are all evil or not. Ditto with the fraudulent election. He started that weeks ago and the media played along and still is.

Another key factor in the truth does not matter theory is that many people, if they hear something long enough, will start to believe it. Truth and good news do not sell for long. Bad news does.

CNN should have borrowed from others as in the list of 20,000 plus lies or the growing evidence of (non existent) voter fraud. They should have kept a list of all the recent distractions that Trump was attempting and stood their ground. Mention them to show the list is growing but DON'T talk about them. Others would have but so what? This would have infuriated Trump and he is weak when he is mad - make that angry. He is always mad.

Eventually their list would have become front page news elsewhere - a major thorn in Trump's side. They would have been using his own tactics against him.

Now it is too late. Instead of being crushed and kicked out of the league, he came in a close second. Biden's team will need one grand slam per week.


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