Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Wearing (or NOT) a COVID mask

What else are they covering up?

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist or any other kind of medical professional - just a mostly rational, unprofessional observer of some recent, really irrational human behaviour - some of it just plain stupid.

You could probably break down the types of these behaviours into as many categories as you dream up. The problem is most of them would not be dreams but nightmares. Here is one attempt:

Lifetime protestors:
These people protest speed limits, no smoking laws, seatbelt laws and just about anything else that gives them an opportunity to sound off. Logic is not part of their rationale. Herein also lies the fashion statement makers - hair colour and length, tats, clothes, jewelry, body piercing - anything which might garner what they desperately need - visibility. I suspect few of them wear the pants in their family, if they have one. So they get relief elsewhere.

Civil Rights Automatons: Similar to the previous group, these individuals frame their protests even more passionately around a perceived violation of their rights, even though such rights often don't exist in law. It is a trigger and they actually think they are educating the rest of us thereby doing us all a favour! Both groups probably protested anything they could at college if they made it that far, as long as it got them some press time and provided a diversion to their studies. They have a right not to wear a mask according to them. OK. They also have a right to rock climb the most dangerous sheer cliffs, but most of them don't exercise it, proving that they do possess at least an ounce of common sense. 

Porch Sitters:
I'll probably get you on this one - an attempt at diplomacy. I mean that porch we all saw in the movie "Deliverance" and those who lived in that house. These folks have always lived in a world of their own and always will. Knock on their cranium and it will sound hollow. Today we see many of them depicted as those really far out characters shopping at Walmart. Let me acknowledge that I also shop at the big "W" but I hope you know the kind I mean. The very notion of a virus is beyond them. Masks on these people would end up being worn as a thong along with not much else.

Just Plain Stupid: One lady deserves her own category but she is not its only member. She was the one in Florida who actually said that you get a Corona virus from drinking Mexican beer! She probably also thinks that Mexico is paying for the wall. I have to include here those who still believe the pandemic is fake news. Apparently all of the other countries outside the USA (could they even name 3 or 4?) are lying as well.

Macho Men and Women: Some people - the most pathetic of all - think a mask depicts them as cowards or having given in to something. Trump is one of these. OK, Trump has a piece of every category. Do they refuse to wear eyeglasses if needed? Hearing aids? Would they still play hockey without a mask or helmet? Do they unbuckle their seatbelts when unlikely to encounter a cop? Deliver bone crushing handshakes? Give us a break. 

Just Plain Selfish: This one includes all the other groups as well but can also stand alone. When interviewed these people talk all about themselves. They know they are not sick. They are healthy and strong. They can fight it off. Yada, yada, yada. Not once do they mention protecting others including their own family and friends. They would still be smoking in houses, planes, meeting rooms etc. if the law and public shame had not prevailed. This attitude alone is killing Americans and so many others.

Trump Followers:
Let me say it up front. Not all of his followers belong here. There are some however - and they share the Stupid membership - who have said on camera that if Donald said to wear a mask they would but since he has not they won't. Literally these people by their own admission do not have minds of their own.

Myself? I wear a mask in public places and when shopping. Every morning I have coffee with friends inside a local McDonald's and unmask when we sit in designated seats. We used to circle our cars in the lot and distance from our car seats with an open window. Today I began unhooking the mask to take a sip and then re-masking to talk. Numbers are spiking and kids are back at school. It is also flu season. The chances of catching IT are higher.

Just think of it as a seatbelt folks - not a white flag. Statistics have proven that they save lives.

Please wear a mask. See? I am asking you, not telling you. You owe it to your relatives and friends.



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