Saturday, 3 October 2020

Trump and COVID

Speedy Recovery to The President    

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am not a fan of the American President and what he stands for. However along with so many others I wish him and Melania, Hope, and so many others a full recovery. You can't wish this on anybody.

Without being smug I have to think this was bound to happen. It is sad that so many others fell ill at almost the same time. We might never know who the donor was and who the recipient in such cases. And still we get spin talk and partial truths from the White House. They got caught with their hands in the Covid jar!

We can only hope that it is finally a wakeup call for many of the disbelievers. Some will still deny it and they are beyond reach unless it also happens to them.

The election however must go on - no sympathy card and no delay because he can't campaign fairly. Fairness has never been a problem for this man in the past especially in trying to stack the votes in his favour. If the election is rigged it is The President and his slaves who are rigging it.

We can only hope that rigging takes their ship far beyond the horizon and out of sight for good. Spread your lies elsewhere.

What could be more ironic?


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