Sunday, 3 May 2020

The True COVID Test Has Yet To Be Seen

An Opportunity for Sainthood

There has probably been more media coverage and speeches made about this pandemic than when man landed on the moon. Experts and politicians - the distinction is deliberate - have been pandering and prognosticating endlessly for months.

It has gotten to the point that you can't be a legitimate CEO without a company commercial featuring you blithering on about being there for us and getting through this together.

We have debated where the virus got its start and whether it was man made. We have lauded the actions of some and lambasted those of others. I think most people agree that this will only be safely over when there is an effective vaccination that can prevent the contraction of the disease or a medication to cure it if you do get it.

The REAL test of human nature will come after such treatment can be manufactured in sufficient quantity to satisfy a massive world need. How much will the developer try to profit from such products? Will some person or corporation try to hold peoples' lives to ransom? I would hope local authorities wherever that might be would do the right thing and force its release to the world AND provide it free. 

All the talk to date will pale by comparison to this. The right choice by the developer or owner would earn them a place right up there with Mother Teresa.

What would you do if it were you - gain entry to paradise or gain entry to the upper crust of society?

We shall see.


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