Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Novel Solutions for a Novel Virus

Just sayin ...

If The Donald can throw out ideas like inhaling disinfectant or using inner body lights, what about a few more off the same wall ...

1. Make Viagra in an inhaler. Then the little buggers will get hard for up to four hours and we can sneeze them out.

2. Smoke pot. They will probably forget what they are there for or at least start giggling so we know we have them. This could be a new form of testing.

3. Bottle the scent of skunk. Put a little under your nose. We know it doesn't harm us but surely they won't be able to stand it. They might leave voluntarily.

4. Eat a lot of baked beans in a small room. See 3. above.

5. Drink CLR. According to their commercials it can do anything in mere seconds. Should eliminate anything else in your pipes at the same time.

6. Listen to recordings of DJT non-stop. That would send anything or anyone to an early grave. Therefore along with a mask it is strongly suggested that you also wear earplugs.

7. Wrap your mouth around the end of a vacuum cleaner hose, seal it tightly, and then turn it on. Be sure to discard the bag immediately. Then inhale. Hard.

8. Inhale gasoline fumes - just a little. Light a match in front of your mouth and inhale. You won't feel a thing. Practice social distancing when you try this one.


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