Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Covid Hypocrites

How far would they go on their own?

When I see these yahoos out there in the parks and in bars and public places with no masks I have to wonder how far they would go in other circumstances.

Would they :

- play catch or soccer on a major highway just to thumb their noses at authority?

- jump off a cliff into the water without knowing the depth?

- play Russian Roulette if the stakes were high enough?

- jump out of a plane with a chute but no training?

- practice sex with strangers and no protection?

In the above the potential harm is only to themselves so they are all probably too gutless to do any of them. With Covid they don't think they are at risk themselves and don't give a damn about anyone else.

If they do catch the virus from not masking up and it can be traced to somebody else unmasked, will they be so hypocritical as to blame that other person? I suspect so.

Wise up.

It is sad to say but you might wish many of them will catch it - not die, but have the fright of their lives in the process. The only problem is that those front line workers would once again be at risk trying to save them.

I just heard someone today say that the total cases in the USA still might reach 60% of the population.
Is that what it will take?


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