Friday, 1 November 2019

Trump's Response To O'Rourke's Departure Says It All

As Simon & Garfunkel said "The man ain't got no culture"

It is sad that Beto has dropped out of the Dem's candidate race but it was inevitable and of course there will be many more. You have to admire anyone who commits to such an undertaking. Win or lose it is a great sacrifice.

However how great was the response from the nation's President? About as great as anything else he says or writes. You can't be surprised when a man with a bird brain is fixated by a website with a bird logo. The man can't write more than a tweet. It is a perfect fit. There is no spellcheck necessary and who on Twitter cares about grammar or vocabulary? I have to say - with a wife like his, I would not be spending my evening hours on Twitter. Why does he?

Now to the point. What other president or for that matter any other national leader would reply with "Oh no, Beto just dropped out of race for President despite him saying he was “born for this.” I don’t think so!"

I am not a diplomat, politician, political or national leader but how about:

"Sorry to see you go Beto. Thank you for your service. I would have enjoyed debating with you. Whatever role you now fill, our nation will be the better for it."


"Whenever there is a leadership race several good people serve the party of their choice but only one can win and that is the essence of our system. All the best Beto."


"I see another Dem. has dropped out of their leadership race. I really look forward to their final choice because I know I can defeat any of them. Just the same, all the best to you and your family Beto."

A GOOD leader will then find similar words for all the others who have yet to bow out. That would tax his IQ. I stand corrected - he doesn't pay taxes or if he did on his IQ, he would be in the lowest tax bracket.

I know. I am dreaming. That is just not The Donald. That is also why he will never be a great President. Too bad his followers don't see it that way.

The Brewster

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