Friday, 6 April 2018

Trudeau to visit Western Canada. Fashion Gurus Abuzz with Speculation

Turban or Stetson?

Apparently Justin Trudeau is to visit Western Canada to discuss the approved oil pipeline. The question of the day is just what ceremonial garb will adorn his person. Here the top 10 items circulating in the fashion world: 
  1. Bright yellow oilskins complete with matching Sou'wester. Please don't let him show up with a couple of oars as well.
  2. Brand new coveralls with some fresh black oil smears, a Stetson, and his Italian loafers with polka dot socks.
  3. Jeans and a denim shirt also suitably greased with a brand new hard hat and shiny western boots.
  4. A Service Station uniform with peaked cap and an oil rag hanging from his back pocket. We all know they don't exist anymore but does he or his fashion advisor?
  5. His best business suit but wearing Kodiak approved safety boots.
  6. Some form of indigenous outfit with head dress and moccasins or sealskin and mukluks. Both would be equally inappropriate.
  7. Any of the above but dressed as a woman thus doing his bit to further the just cause of equal opportunity and diversity.
  8. The same boxing gear he wore in a widely published bout he had in the ring with a fellow Member of Parliament some years ago. This would show those rowdy western premiers who is the boss.
  9. A Prairie Dog costume covered in oil sludge.
  10. The same Indian marital outfit we recently saw thus showing he is trying to save the taxpayer a few bucks as he rides up on a rented quarter horse. We all know that hardened oil industry men and women ride their horses to work in the fields.
Your guess is as good as mine.

The Brewster

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